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    • The saying only death and taxes are the only certainties in life is wrong or at the very least, incomplete. Another certainty is long runs come to an end.   I wouldnt say Im not bothered since we won the title but, there's a sense of serenity about it all. After the derby bore, I said Id be happy if we just drew the next 5 games to win the title. At the same time, I always want the boys to win and records are nice to have. But Im not getting out of my tree about this result for a couple of reasons.   First, losing our first game as Champions by 4-0 to city really pissed me off and second, I dont see a draw as being a bigger downer. Third, their keeper pulled off 2 worldie saves to deny us. Fourth, I really dont think the players could have given more effort even if Anfield was full of 52,000 fans.   We missed a number of other chances, Bobby was desparately unlucky to see his shot hit the post and how the fuck the ref and VAR didnt give that pen for the foul on Robbo after the fernandes farce and another similarly soft decision is, beyond credulity. Or may be not because the outcry over those decisions always seems to affect refs in the next set of games. 'The fuck Im giving anything after that shit show' seems to be the M.O. of many official after they've seen their colleagues ripped a new over a poor decision.   But you're always liable to get caught with a 1 goal lead. A mistake by a player or official, as in this case when neither Mo nor Sadio were offside, can always bite you in the nuts. It's like the Leicester game last season when a clear hack on Naby in virtually the same place, was waved away as no pen. Fuck that shit.
    • Let them win the European Cup this year.   It will come with a massive asterisk next to it.   1 legged games in last 8 and last 4 as opposed to 2.   23 man matchday squads, with all 12 not starting available as subs - never seen before apart from final.   Neutral venues last 8 and 4.      
    • Why do you think it’s dodgy?
    • He protested their innocence too much in his press conference today. He’s knows they are cheating cunts 
    • FFS some of you.          
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