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    • To be honest, I do not care.   We are Champions again and no matter what happens in the future, right here, right now we are champions.   We are a better quality of champions , in a different class, in a level City will never be able to get to no matter how much money they throw at it.  
    • Would be a fucking outrage if they get away with it. And if they do it's time for the non-oil clubs to fuck uefa off and just make their own competition and not invite clubs owned by states. 
    • I like to think that if you occasionally overstep the mark in a debate and get suspended you sneak back in to the next debate wearing a bad disguise with a dodgy made up name.
    • Because he's an attacking right back and we have Trent and Neco already.
    • I’ll start this week at the Emirates as Arsenal conceded a hilarious late equaliser against Leicester. They’ve had a mini revival recently and they started well against Brendan’s side, but that just makes what happened later even funnier.   Saka teed up Aubamayeng for the opener and Lacazette thought he’d made it 2-0 only to be denied by a stunning Schmeichel save. The keeper then denied Bellerin as Arsenal piled on the pressure. And then….  Arsenal happened.   Nketiah came off the bench and within seconds he’d been sent off. Initially the ref gave him a yellow but he went to look at the screen and changed it to red. It wasn’t intentional but he was late and high and didn’t get the ball, so it’s the right decision, regardless of what Arteta thinks.    Leicester dominated the second half and deserved Vardy’s late equaliser but what made this so much funnier was that Arsenal were fuming about it because they wanted offside against that loser Ayoze Perez.    Only one problem, he didn’t touch the ball. Just look at the reaction of the Arsenal Fan TV crew after that goal though…..           It’s easy to be cynical and say they’re doing this for the cameras but if they are then they deserve Oscars for this performance. I’d say the truth is more likely that DT and Troopz are just not particularly well balanced individuals and both have severe anger management issues.   What baffles me is how they are even still arsed. I’d have long been beaten into submission if that was my team. I mean yeah, I’d be that angry if we were relevant and the result actually had implications, but what stakes are Arsenal playing for?   How has indifference and then apathy not set in yet?   It’s just weird. You’ve got Troopz and DT kicking off like they’d just been screwed out of a place in the Champions League Final. Fucking weirdos.    Seriously, how can you get that worked up about watching THAT group of players? It’s not healthy. It’s poor little Ty I feel sorry for, he never gets angry (unless you question his fanbase), he just looks sad.   Arteta showed his true colours afterwards when he went the “Full Pep”, claiming Vardy should have been sent off for what was a clearly accidental clash with Mustafi.    Actually, he didn’t even say that specifically, he was a complete arse about it and kept talking about “a challenge that happened between 40 and 45 minutes”.   Geoff Shreeves had no idea what he was referring to (which in fairness you wouldn’t do, as it was never a red card in a million years) and had to ask him which incident specifically did he mean. Arteta wouldn’t say, he just kept saying “it happened between 40-45 minutes”.   Just fucking say it you silly playmobil headed cunt. No-one has time for any of this cryptic bullshit and there was no reason whatsoever to not specify which incident he was on about. It’s not often I’ll ever side with Shreeves as he’s a dick, but for once he wasn’t the biggest arsewipe in the conversation. As I say, proper spoilt brat Guardiola behaviour that.         This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article   Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here. 
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