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Premier League Round Up (Aug 19-21 2017)

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Much more enjoyable this week wasn’t it? Three points for us while Arsenal and Spurs lost, and City also dropped points. The round up is later than usual this week because I haven’t been able to see MOTD until now because the wifi kept dropping for a few days and we couldn’t figure out why. 
Turns out it was because I was trying to download Game of Thrones and there must be some security measure in place as it kept fucking up the wifi and no-one in the villa had internet access because of little ol' me. 

But I’m back up and running now and managed to find MOTD on Youtube (fucking iplayer wouldn’t let me watch it as I’m not in the UK. Presumably I’ll get a partial refund on my TV license then, eh? Same goes for my BT Sport subscription. Cunts. 

Speaking of cunts, the Mancs had an easy win at Swansea in the opening game of the weekend. Usually, as regular readers know, I’d completely gloss over that as I wouldn’t have seen any of it, but this time I did catch a bit of it, albeit unintentionally and certainly not a good bit.  I needed to check the TV channels to see if our game was going to be shown on their telly, so I’m scrolling through all these channels and eventually came to one that was showing our game.
That was the good news. The bad news was that before our game they were showing the Mancs. I landed on the channel just in time to see them celebrating their first goal that came seconds before half time. Bastards. 


So I left the TV on and went for a dip in the pool for a bit. I came back in about half an hour later and Swansea were all over them, so I thought I’d watch for a bit to see if they equalised. No such luck. United got a second against the run of play and I was still chucking my toys out the pram when they scored another, and then another. To be fair I was back in the pool by the time the fourth went in, but I was cursing myself for breaking my own rule. It won’t happen again. See no evil hear no evil is the only policy where United are concerned. 


I’m not buying into the United hype just because they’ve thumped two really piss poor teams. Swansea will probably go down this year now they don’t have Sigurdsson scoring every other week. Clement did a fine job keeping them up last year but he doesn’t really have much to work with there, does he? 


And apparently Llorente is missing because he hurt himself cycling in the close season. What a dickhead. Ride a back when you’ve retired, you selfish twat. Actually no, riding a bike is fine, falling off and breaking your arm isn’t, you big clumsy fuck. 


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