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    • Anyone who expects the club to spend any money this year has obviously been Rip van Winkeling it for the last 4 months.   1.  There's a global pandemic on.  2.  There's no-one in the stadium, which has already cost the club tens of millions of pounds 3.  No-one knows if or when fans will come back, so it's likely going to cost the club tens more millions next season. 4.  It is highly likely that commercial deals are going to be less because the global economy is absolutely fucked. 5.  We can't off load squad players for decent fees, because loads of other clubs have no money whatsoever.  Spurs just had to take out a massive loan just to stay afloat.  There is no Bournemouth paying 20 million for Harry Wilson this year. 6.  There's a good chance that this uncertain situation exists for the next couple of years.   Yes, we have hoarded money from previous transfer windows, and should have some to spend - we've also committed a lot to contracts and wage increases for the current squad as well as 150 million building Kirkby and the new Anny Road (on pause that though too obviously)   FSG could have spent their own money in upgrading Anfield, and I definitely have sympathy with this view point.    They've reaped massive returns on their initial investment without putting an extra penny in, just by running the club pretty well.  However, we've seen in the years they've been here that they're not going to do it, so if you're still angry about that by now then you are better at maintaining the rage than me.    I also would prefer the club to be majority fan owned, and there would be the same need for the club to be self sustainable if that was the case, so while it sticks in the craw that an investment group is reaping the benefits rather than the club and fans, the financial model isn't any different.   This year, even if FSG were inclined to dip into their own funds, they probably can't do it as their other major interest is baseball and that is even more fucked the football is.   It's pretty clear from what Klopp has said that we had the Werner deal lined up, but the uncertainty of future income meant the club pulled the plug. He also said the other day that, while we won't be signing anyone this off season, it potentially might happen later in the year.  Pretty clear we are being conservative with the funds because we have no idea what next years income or the year after is going to look like.  Once the situation becomes more certain then we might.  
    • The way we've played this season we've probably been due for some stupid results like we've had recently. All season we've just been grinding and grinding, getting results without being super dominant in lots of matches. Even though there's plenty of caveats around these games with our lack of motivation, I think water is just finding its level. We were never a 100 point, we're about a 90-95 point team. 
    • I think what we're seeing is the consequence of a hard-pressing game, for the entire season, not only on the physique but the psyche as well. These players have been giving 110 percent every single game, the whole season, in fact ever since the advent of Klopp. I see mental exhaustion.   Of course, we've already won the title, which is bound to affect performance even if unconsciously so.   A lot of us may have been in denial but our downhill journey started pretty much after the Athletico defeat. The team has not been the same again. I hope this will make our generous owners revisit their decision not to spend this summer. We clearly need reinforcements.   Curious also how we're going to start the next season, which is not far away by the way.  
    • Yea but he likes to suck the owners off at every turn so he's getting in there early for the excuses next year.  Can't be laying it squarely down on the absolute failure to invest, AGAIN
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