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    • Kane is a wanker and I do not think City will be in for him.   Grealish will have alot to prove - having everything run through him at Villa and the team set up to cover for him is not going to happen at City. If he plays in the front three they give up alot of pace on that wing. Playing next to DeBruyne, their midfield looks a little lacking defensively. Also not sure Gundogan can replicate his form - was a career year for him.
    • For me the worry is seemingly being ready to once again rely on likes of Keita....   We have lost our most reliable and durable midfielder, a player who was an ever present and i just can't see how trusting Keita or Oxlade is a good idea....add to that that Hendo is ageing and seems to be getting more injury prone, Milners age, Fabinho will probably miss a good 8-10 league games minimum based on his record so far with us and Thiago has a pretty patchy record when it comes to staying fit throughout his career....   The middle of the park worries me.   Yes there is Jones and maybe Elliott, but its a big ask for both potentially - i suppose we may be about to find out if they are up to it.   Personally i'd like to see someone brought in to midfield and us not risk giving Keita another chance and relying on him only for him to let us down yet again by not being there when we need him......As for Oxlade, I just don't think he ever was or will be good enough and of course he is hardly the most durable.
    • He’s one of our own…  
    • Sir Harold of Kane has not turned up for training at Spurs. 
        Club and National captain setting a great example 
    • Sunderland?   Should be no issues Alisson starting at Norwich. Similarly, Fabinho barely played for Brazil so I reckon he‘ll be available. 
        I’d be out starting line up v Norwich will be:   Alisson, Trent, Konaté, Matip, Robbo, Keita, Fabinho, Thaigo, Salah, Mane, Jota.   Wouldnt surprise me if we’re setting VVD, Hendo and Firmino the target of starting v Chelsea. 
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