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Other football - 2017/18 edition.

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Roma through on aggregate. At least a potential long haul trip to eastern Europe is off the agenda.


Chelsea to get knocked out tomorrow please and us to avoid Man City in Fridays draw.

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The team of shithouses Sevilla doing something right by us for once. Man Utd were dreadful. Slow and ponderous in possession, lots of sideways and backwards passes, uncreative going forward, surprisingly open at the back. That was a throwback to the halcyon days of the Moysiah.


Yes, Ben Yedder scored the goals but you have to wonder why Sevilla didn't start with him. Muriel is one of the most brainless footballers you could wish to see. He does have some talent but there's very little end product. Reminds me of El Hadji Diouf in many ways.


Roma have gone through on away goals after beating Shakhtar 1-0 at home, joining ourselves, Man City, Real Madrid, Juventus and Sevilla. Bayern are pretty much through already, so the only tie in the balance is the Barcelona-Chelsea one.


EDIT: Fuck off Mourinho, you miserable, game spoiling, big spending shit-on-a-stick merchant. I hope your hotel room has bed bugs.

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