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Chip Butty

The LFC transfer strategy depicted via the medium of image

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    • Transfer activity is so strange in this age of social media. I get the sense that there's a feeling of entitlement from some supporters, but also a sense of snobbery at the same time too. Why do we have to spend, or be seen to spend, twelvty million on a player for them to actually be a good acquisition?   I still look back on when we bought Robbo - Despite the fee being a modest* £8-10 million, there was a real grumble of dissatisfaction about the transfer as he'd only played for Hull, and was only just breaking into the Scottish national team. Look at how that's turned out.   *modest in today's football transfer market.   What a number of supporters don't ever tend to consider is the person that is being signed, they tend to focus just on the player, the club he's coming from, and the fee being paid.
    • Personally I think any team bringing in a load of new players will suffer due to the empty stadium scenario. It won't be easy for new players to gel under those circumstances. We have a squad of players that are fine tuned by the best manager in the World at the moment, we also have 3/4 promising youngsters ready to break into the picture. Why break up a settled squad under the current conditions and uncertainty financially speaking? With Klopp's reach and contacts, I'm sure we'll strengthen the overall squad by bringing in cheap/free/loan players, he also has a canny eye for getting things right in the transfer market. 
    • I'm not really sure why the PL can't cut them anyway, if you're in the squad, you're in the squad. 
    • Macclesfield Town, as they are my home town team. Sadly I don't think they'll be in existence much longer, unless things change dramatically. 
    • I'm sure the cunts will still bang on about their invincible season and conveniently forget all the records this team of ours have broken. Mancs will be the same, banging on about the treble and 20 titles, ironically forgetting that they claim Liverpool fans just live in the past. Football fans in general just love to troll and they go way over the top in the UK to the point that it reflects the toxic nature of the country. It happens abroad as well, but on a much smaller scale, in fact it's not that noticeable unless you go looking for it. 
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