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    • Yeah agree with a lot of that. I cannot see 'safe standing' at this club but if they do, it will only be a small section as you say and no more than 1 for 1 in my opinion. Neither can I see the club getting involved in another shit storm of publicity of forcing people out of their homes to increase the SKD and or Walton Breck and buying out the match day gold mine stores would be incredibly expensive.   To me, as I said, they could possibly jack up the SKD roof for a few more rows but you're still talking sub 3000 seats v cost of the upgrade.     The Westfallon is in the middle of a park. Unless there were building restrictions in place when they upgraded the stadium, Im still a bit surprised at how the stands are placed.   But that's the major problem with Anfield, it's hemmed in on two sides. Ive had stewards come to me on the SKD Upper first row and say they've women who are frightened by sitting on the back row being so high up and 'would I mind swapping seats' with them for the game!   It's not just the numbers, it's the sight lines people would have when you build higher and further back.
    • Great video here of himself and Messi. Taking a shot with his arse. Putting topspin on the ball like a tennis player. As a lot of his contemporaries have said, the ball obeyed him.    Poor Tevez is a bit out of his depth  
    • Yes mate, we are all dead jealous. 
    • I think the maximum we can go up to is 68,000 without extra transport links.    The problem with the railway lines near the ground is that they are freight lines for the docks which apparently already struggle to shift freight from there, they still have a massive traffic problem through Seaforth and the docks want to expand again.    Also the cost of putting in passenger signals and a couple of stations could be over £350m. Two possible stations at Utting Avenue (old Cubmoor station) and by Walton Lane police station (old Anfield and Walton station, next to the police station) could be reopened. The line could go from Lime St up past Wavertree and go through the Olive Mount tunnel.    I think that the KD stand could be done with a  few more seats on the upper tier with the possibility of more corporate boxes in between. But expanding it to the size of the main stand involves buying up the road behind. All the houses are occupied and a lot of the owners originally bought them off the club. A lot of the houses are nice old Victorian era houses in good condition.    You would basically have to offer people a lot of money over and above the value of their houses to get them to consider moving.    The difference with the road on the Main stand side was a lot were derelict, in disrepair or owned by chancer landlords who wanted megabucks and half the street had already been demolished. 
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