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    • Not sure I see the club paying him the reputed 300+k a week he's rumoured to be on with Dortmund, Ronnie lad. And players never seem to take a wage cut.   Personally, I think the Sancho, Havertz and Mbappe ships have sailed.Well, the Mbappe one never got off the slipway in my opinion!
    • I think he could wait a year to see what his options are. He's playing at a great club with some of the best young players in the world. If he waits a year, then he is likely to have his pick of a number of top clubs rather than just one.    I think he would walk to us. I could see FSG doing the deal in 2021 with the fee being covered by Mo or Sadio. A younger and very marketable player. Not saying he will be at Mo ot Sadio's level in 2021, but he is a signing for the next decade. In terms of wages, we won't make him the highest paid player, bit they might work around it bt giving him a hefty sign on fee. Regarding the agent, that is astronomical and a piss take, so that could be a sticky point.
    • Up there with the anfield print shirt 
    • It's a shame for the lad. But I guess the club know if he does well, his agent is quickly knocking on the door for a pay rise and while it's good the lad offered this, in practice it probably doesn't match reality.  Norwich are a club surely who get their most out of players by making them believe they're a stepping stone to somewhere else? They weren't a club that could do what Fulham did last year and villa this and spend loads of money and at least claim ambition. They pretty much went "we're here for the money and you boys go and out yourself in the shop window". So while Norwich are perfectly entitled to turn down any bid they see fit, I'm pretty sure that has a knock on effect across the entire club.  No. Red bull had a deadline. We asked him to wait till a similar clause kicked in the following season. The story about was red bull wanted the money then, although it would feel to me Werner wanted to get his move. 
    • https://www.footyheadlines.com/2020/08/nike-liverpool-20-21-away-collection.html?m=1  
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