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    • https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/uk-news/google-searches-join-union-soar-24298556   The current rail strike and talk of other industrial action by teachers, post office workers, NHS staff and even barristers has seen a huge 184% increase in Google searches for 'join union', according to a new report. The analysis reveals the increase seen on June 22 in the United Kingdom was the highest level in over a year.     The data also reveals that searches for ‘how to strike’ have exploded 135% since the strikes began. A spokesperson from Workello said: “This week the British public have been faced with trains up and down the country coming to a standstill as a result of these strikes by RMT, leading to difficulties getting to work, attending events and appointments. "However, the strikes have also encouraged a surge of online interest in joining a trade union, indicating the massive impact that strikers are having across the country. With more strikes across other sectors rumoured to take place in the future, it will be interesting to see whether these searches continue to rise, especially if strikers achieve their desired outcome.”  
    • 'England my England' with Union flags in his avatar & all over his post.   Spastic.   Morrissey might play though...
    • Sly sports got richielas best premier league goals, didn't look but doubt its a long clip.
    • I think we can all agree there will be more strikes, from different industries over the summer, so we will find out what the official party line is.   I, like the majority on here, am desperate for a Labour government and I do understand the logic of being pragmatic and not scaring off potential voters, but surely there has to be a line where you actually stand for what you believe in and try to convince people to come with you. If we don't do something because it will get negative coverage, then Labour would never do anything.     It is similar to the gun lobby in the states or the anti-abortion lot. Whilst they make the most noise, every poll shows the majority of people in favour of stricter (common sense) gun laws and 2/3 are pro choice. Watching/reading coverage from the usual suspects and you would not suspect this. The Democrats have been scared into silence on these issues and over the long term have lost out.    My concern is this is similar for Labour and industrial action, despite the noise and properganda, the majority of people support the Rail strike, so much so that even commentators are mocking of somehow blaming Labour for the strikes. Labour feel the need to stay quiet on the subject, as the summer progresses and more industrial action takes place Labour will have to "pick a side" and they seem to be picking what they believe the majority want, not what the reality currently is.  I believe one of the reasons for the current support for the Rail workers, is enough people are feeling the pinch and want a rail victory, as it will help them. How many times have we been told people care about the cash in their pockets, not Palastine etc, well this summer people will be fighting for the cash in their pockets and I think it is a mistake of Labours to sit on the fence because they are worried about front pages of newspapers. 
    • Jimi Hendrix with his first electric guitar, 1957