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    • I got Robbo, Henderson, Firminho, Lallana and Gomez in my starter pack and only 2 dirty Man Utd so can't complain!
    • A massive free roll has just been announced too with £10,000 on offer.    If it helps, I'll discuss my strategy on each one. 
    • Did you get those from the bonus pack? It's almost as if they've given you a fine tuned Kop one haha!    Hahaha that's brilliant. You can hold as many cards of a certain player as you want to, they're kind of duplicates but they're also very useful. When you enter a tournament, your players become locked. Whilst you'll never lose them in the tournament, it means you can't put Pickford in 3 tournaments, if you only have two cards.    You'd be a brave man putting Pickford in though!     
    • It's time to do a little guide for the do's and don'ts, including a bit more of a tutorial, to help you out.    If you don't have time to read, which is fully understandable, I've got a YouTube video. But be warned, I'm from the Midlands!   Starting off on Footstock Once you've registered (You can click here to register) you will receive a message stating that you've unlocked the sign up bonus. It advises you to head to the shop area, where you'll find your starter pack.    This starter pack contains 50 Bonus players, which can be entered in tournaments and virtual battles, but more on those later.    After unlocking your bonus pack, your dashboard will still remain partially locked, but footstock will perform a tutorial for you, unlocking them slowly.    Collection    Next, you can view your collection. This will show you what cards you currently hold, enabling easy viewing. It reminds me of collecting my Panini stickers some years ago! Not much more to say about the collection.    Market   The next thing to open up is the market. This is your area for buying and selling cards. It's definitely a way to make money on Footstock, if you can spot the next star, or player in form, there's a great chance you'll find him at a much cheaper price.    You can place buy and sell orders, buying players at prices you want & selling them at your designated profit point.    For example, Fabinho is £1.49. If you didn't want to purchase him at that price, you could set a Buy order for £1.30. You won't own Fabinho until another trader decides to sell Fabinho for £1.30.    After purchasing him at £1.50, you might take a look around and see Keita is £3.05. You could then comparatively value Fabinho at around £2.80 and place your sell order at that price. He wouldn't leave your collection until another trader bid £2.80.   Tournaments   Currently, there's no football being played, so when you click tournaments you'll see virtual games etc. These virtuals use previous match data, but it's virtual so anything can happen.    When football returns, this will be populated with real games & true to life data.    Tournaments range from free rolls to £40 entries, where you can enter as little or as many as you like. Prizes vary from £300 to £15,000.    Games   This area is the casino styled area, only head here if you fancy your luck!    In the games area you can play stat roulette, which is very similar to the Top Trumps game. Enter your card, if he wins the chosen stat, you win the card.    Again, these stats are based upon an average of the Points Per Game (from real life data).    My tip here, is don't roulette expensive players. Ever.   I have good spells with Jordan Ayew but he's £20+ per card, it hurts when he does lose!   Stat roulette can be played against the house, or in online tournaments. These go up to a 32 man contest, where you. Have the chance to win lots of cards!    There's also virtual battles which are very similar to tournaments, pick your fantasy lineup and hope they achieve the highest score.    Rewards   Finally, the rewards tab. This is where you're given prizes for completing specific milestones. For example, you'll be given a Free Epic Defender for owning a certain amount of players.   I know this has been long, so thanks! If you require any more on the strategy of the game, or finer tuned details just let me know. 
    • So I haven’t got a clue about any of this but I’ve now got Sadio, Trent, Alisson, Neco Williams, Harry Wilson and some kid I’ve never heard of, plus a load of players from other clubs. 
        I got two Jordan Pickfords though. I didn’t even want one, but what am I going to do with two? Stick them together so he’s got normal length arms?
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