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Joel Matip


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10 minutes ago, No2 said:

It's the same gamble we took last year and the year before. If we signed someone then that player have no appearances for Liverpool. If anything it was less of a gamble this season as Fab has been more injury resistant than Lovren. Its bad luck,  nothing more.

I would argue a bit with that a bit. I didn't think Lovren was a great defender, but he was pretty good in the air and he is vocal and does lead. But also as I have posted on here I don't know how many times, I wasn't happy with the choice last year for exactly the reason you outlined. I would have sold any 2 from 3 of lovren/matip/gomez a year ago and brought in someone who wasn't made of glass and could defend, lead and head a ball. 


As I said before, we bet the house on it last year and won. This year we've rolled the dice one more time and haven't. 

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I've a tiny tiny bit of sympathy for him as he was out for ages and had to play a full game, in a derby. We may have only intended to give him 60. We do, however, need to buy 2 centre halves in January, not just 1. 

If we can manage to keep ourselves near the top, we've half a season left after January 1st to gain enough points to win it again, IF we get reinforcements

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49 minutes ago, lifetime fan said:

Saturday was the first time Gomez and Matip played at CB together in the PL. 


Saturday was the first time Matip played a full PL game for over a year. 


And he’s injured for the next game. 

We definitely need to sign a CB in January and should have in the summer. 

i am struggling to see the light anywhere with this. even jurgen seems destroyed by it.  

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22 hours ago, lifetime fan said:

Not travelled for the Ajax game according to the beeb. 

Probably a good job I was behind him at Manchester airport a couple of years ago and his bag set off the alarm, he must have taken stuff out of his bag a dozen times and still the alarm went off. When his bag was finally empty it still set the alarm off. On closer inspection a Alan key was hidden in the corner of his bag aah fuck it. 

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Just checked  - this season we have played 11 games, he was available for two.


He was available for 15 league games last season, played 9 times - he played in 1 CL game, 1 FA cup round and the Super cup.


The most worrisome is the different injuries - knee, hamstring, collarbone, thigh, "muscle" injury, ankle. Sheesh.

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