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Bluetooth / Wireless speaker advice

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I want a speaker to connect to my Android phone, so I can listen to Spotify. That's about it really.


I have a couple of £10 ones, and they're shite - so thinking spending upto about £100 ? Current thoughts is a JBL Charge 3 but, really, i have no clue.


Can't afford a Bose one, but any recommendations / suggestions



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thanks - I'll go and listen to one of those Bose ones - and then probably convince myself to buy the £250 one that you bought.... 


It's hard to look online at reviews, as it just seems really subjective; one review says the UE Boom is the best thing ever, another review says its garbage. I guess I'll just have to go to Currys....(shudders)

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Look no further than. Anker. Of Amazon. Somebody on here recommended they do one the same as the Bose for a quarter of the price.



thanks - do you know if there any shops that sell them? I can't see anywhere on google, and I really want to listen to it first.

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thanks - do you know if there any shops that sell them? I can't see anywhere on google, and I really want to listen to it first.

Know idea m8. I do know somebody done a side by side in depth review of one of the Anker speakers against the Bose and thought it was pretty much identical in sound and looks apart from the metal on the Bose. I opted for a cheaper one to try out and im really impressed with the sound quality, battery life and connection quality I am gonna get the bigger one similar to the Bose.


This is the one I purchased. https://www.anker.com/products/A3102011

Great and pretty loud. Could do with slight more bass..


This is the one similar to the Bose


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I recommended this on here ages ago and it remains fucking ace. Great quality and value for the price:


Anker Ultra Portable Pocket Size Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (12 Hour Playtime, NFC Compatibility, Passive Subwoofer) for Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, PC and All Bluetooth Devices. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00OJ43RIK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_RQFOxb1R0KH1A

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    • Yeah.   Klopp made a good point in his post match presser. He asked the room if anybody thought it was a penalty and 1 or 2 said they did (probably local Naples reporters). But the fact a couple did means it wasn’t a clear & obvious error.    However, it certainly wasn’t a clear cut penalty either. Personally, I think if it was referred he’d have overturned it as he didn’t stand for any of their shit all night - and IMO it should have been referred.   I’ve said before I like VAR, or at least the idea of it, but the implementation isn’t as expected & it’s gotten worse since the World Cup 18 months ago (although not perfect, it was actually decent in Russia IMO).    Anyway, I’m over it. Treat it as a minor inconvenience / annoyance and back us to win the next 4.
    • Virgil Van Dijk has played down the impact of Liverpool’s 2-0 defeat at the hands of Napoli in their Champions League clash on Tuesday evening.

      The Reds were looking good for a well earned point against the Italian side before a debatable penalty and a late strike in injury time by Fernando Llorente was enough to see the home side claim the three points.

      But Van Dijk said the defeat which was only their second in a competitive fixture this campaign, was not a cause for worry.

      The Liverpool Echo reported the defender as saying:

      “It didn’t feel like a wake-up call, I think both sides were focused fully on the game, It felt like it was going to be a draw, and then the penalty changed everything in the game. 

      “It shouldn’t be a wake-up call - we have been performing since the start of the season outstanding, and so there is no reason to panic.

      “And in the game as well, we played well, we put them under pressure, we created opportunities on the break. 

      “So there were a lot of positive things , the only thing not positive was the result.”  

      Van Dijk believed the final score was not a true reflection of the overall contest and the performance was full of merit.

      He also believed the penalty awarded against Andy Robertson completely changed the outcome of the game.

      “I think 2-0 didn’t really reflect the game.

      “I think we were much better (than last season) we lost it (again), but we played well, we had opportunities on the break, we played in some moments.

      “We felt comfortable, then they got the penalty which changed the game.”

      “Lots of times you can say that it felt a little bit harsh, but the ref made the decision so you have to accept it.

      “Everyone knows how tough it is to come here and beat them, first of all, but also to play well against them. 

      “But you could see we put them under a lot of pressure to try and win the ball quite a lot high up the pitch, and try to break on them.”

      The Reds will look to return to winning ways when they play Chelsea at Stanford Bridge on Sunday afternoon.
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    • Excellent report as per usual Dave,I agree with you on the VAR.... but what if as was suggested (by someone!)that captains are given 3 chances to question the decision (tennis & cricket)... works fine there & doesn't take long & everyone knows what the fuck is happening at least! 
    • He was decent here, but we replaced him with a better player in Fabinho. 
    • Once Everton touches you, you're better off asking a friend to make it quick.
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