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Sadio Mane

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The Hazard thing is interesting.  I don’t think he will leave this year either.  I think he’s made his mind up that he’s leaving to go to Real and I think he did a while ago.  He’s not daft though.  He knows Chelsea with Abramovich’s infinite money would just outright refuse to sell him while he was contracted and if he played up they would be one of the few clubs who could just throw you in the reserves and ruin your career which is why he’s played nice while running his contract down.


It’s hit the crunch point for them now.  They’ve never been in this position before.  Their best player wants to leave and they aren’t in control.  They can either sell him for under his value or watch him walk away for nothing in a year.  They’re in the process of trying to talk the price up through the media saying they will have to sell him for 100m “which is under his value” but they’re not kidding anyone.  Real won’t go anywhere near that if they can get him in a year for nothing.  Meanwhile Real are doing the opposite.  There was an article on sky sports the other week clearly written by some stooge.  The funniest line in it which was obviously the whole point it was written was that this summer “it was now or never for Hazard.”  Where have we heard that before?  As if Real are going to be willing to sign someone for money and a season later decide against signing this player for free.  The state they are in as well.  Personally I think he will go on a free because Chelsea just don’t need the money.  The only sniff of them talking about tightening the purse strings was something do with not wanting to sign Kepa because the price was too much but in the end that still happened.


The Bale thing is even funnier than the Hazard thing.  Every couple of days there’s an article from some Madrid chief saying they will need to sell Bale in the summer to raise money (get his wages off the books) and it’s followed by someone in the Bale camp saying he loves Real and will not leave.  He won’t get those wages anywhere else because he’s a crock which is why he won’t leave.

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I bloody love Sadio.


the chance he created for himself with his strength and pace to turn a man, break into the area and smash his shot goalwards and force a corner sums up how he’s played for the vast majority of this season.


hes playing with such (justified) confidence and it’s great knowing that he’ll be doing plenty more of it til the end of the season.

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Brilliant footballer.


Glad we persevered with our ‘only buy Southampton’ players policy until we actually landed two of the best players in the world in Virgil and this cat. 

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