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    • I don't want to be contrarian, but I would not have done this. 50/50 on whether I'd have given him another year, definitely wouldn't have done two years, but it's not a big deal.   I imagine the contract will have a pretty low base salary with bonuses for appearances, and he keeps himself in excellent shape so his decline will be slower than most players at his age.   My objections boil down to 2 things: 1. The minutes he gets, even if they're not very many, will prevent younger players from being developed and could even lead to some of them leaving us, and  2. I worry that him being here will make us complacent about getting in proper fullback cover.   Both of these are debatable, and it could be argued that as long as Klopp and Edwards are still pursuing a couple of options that could give us 80 or 90% of what Trent and Robbo do down the flanks, we're fine. But imagine being Curtis Jones today - he will have thought he had a chance of being 6th or 7th choice in midfield next season, and maybe higher up the pecking order the season after if he performs well. Now he'll know it will be a few minutes in the Carabao Cup at best. Same goes for our young fullbacks, who might have thought that they'd be considered to be 3rd choice at LB or RB next season - now it'll be Milner on emergency duty there.   I think we'll lose a couple of them, and while that might not be a huge loss, it's not a net positive either. So again, I'm not saying it's a disaster of a move, just that there are a couple of downsides that mean I wouldn't have done it, personally. But Edwards has obviously more than earned our trust here, so it will probably not really have a big negative effect on us moving forwards.
    • Andre the Giant over here
    • Loyalty cuts both ways. With the way Klopp is i doubt he'd have any issue with Milner getting paid to pick splinters out his arse for a season. He's more than earned it.
    • It's far too early for this shit.    Come back at the end of February. 
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