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    • The Greenwood goal is clearly laughable incompetence by the VAR and operator.  They’ve drawn the blue line with furthest point on the defender touching the inside of the line so in other words the whole of the blue line isn’t on side it’s offside.  If Greenwood falls into any part of that blue line which he does then he’s beyond the defender.  For some reason they don’t draw the second line which they do in the premier league.  I’m not sure if that’s because the software is different and only does one line but even if it is then the person operating it should know that and the stuff I’ve just explained.  It’s absolutely crazy that this level of officiating is so fucking stupid.
    • It's utterly wrong to give Rashfords goal as well, the lino had his flag up for a long time and you cant tell me it had no impact on the defenders.  Was it wrongly?  Not for me, his foot was on the halfway line.
    • While the obvious comparison is to be made with Mane’s position for Hendo’s winner in the Derby, I’ve no problem with that being given onside. By my definition he’s level, so I’m ok with it.   Mane wasn’t level though, he was onside. Clearly onside.
    • This was given onside today. 
        the line actually goes through the attackers boot. 
    • Really need Arsenal to do a job on them at the weekend. I mean I still think that they finish at least 10 points behind us, but they get so many decisions their way and if they were in with a chance it would be even worse.    Whatever about one of Ferguson's teams winning a trophy with great players, the thought of that fucking snively little weasel winning a league makes me sick and Pogba doing his silly little dance and Lindgard knocking people out of the way to grab the trophy.    I mean more likely they are chasing a champions league spot come May, but they do have some very good players and if we keep getting injuries to big players, it could become a leveller.    Keown was pissing me off tonight. A real Uncle Tom punditry performance. The guy used to hate (hates) the bastards and there he was wanking off to them tonight. BT's version of Carra in regards the Mancs. They obviously have pictures of him digging the grave of some burglar that tried to cop off with his car in Devon and told him be a good boy and praise the Mancs. 
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