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    • The Caradoc is fucking grim now, type of place you wipe your feet coming out.
    • I definitely see an improvement in him and Alisson's help,particularly distribution,is obviously rubbing off on him. His real test will be reacting to his mistakes. We know Alisson is brilliant at that while Adrian is shit. I hope he is like the former.
    • I've no idea, it's been called that for a couple of years, I think it's been done out recently? When I'm home I usually call in the Red Lion, a dump, to see the mate but it's closed now. I was in Benos about 2 years ago, it was OK and I was with a few lads, one knew me but it was only when I was going back into town I realised it was Foxy, hadn't seen him for 30 odd years.  In about 81 they filmed in the Caradoc, a mate was in there, later died through the gear, with a few others, they interviewed one lad and said what do you do with your day, he said I have a beer smoke some pot and play a bit of pool, then I go home for me tea and come back again and do the same, something like that.  When the Red closed last year I heard all the pool tables etc were taken down to the Caradoc. The fella who done the Pacific up last year was supposed to be doing the same to the Red but isn't now which is a shame as it could be good and not much around there these days, had some great times there years ago, good bands.  The Kents has gone and turned into a shit hole Trivelles, they started calling that Ma Kents , a load of bollocks.  My mate lives off Sandy Rd and I sometimes met him in the Claremont, also closed, a bit grim as well.  Apparently a few of the mates bevvy down South Rd now so I'll have to have a look next time I'm up. 
    • I thought it was just another sad blue making shit up to make himself feel better but looking at his previous tweets he just seems like a full time wind up artist, even taking the piss out of Everton at various points.    He's done a good job of hooking reds with the bait, blues also making themselves look daft for believing it, and even the occasional Manc.    I think I'll be let this one slide because the whole situation is quite amusing and he doesn't seem to take it very seriously. Top bantz. 
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