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    • I'm not really bothered about his perceived bias, it's subjective- he can be as biased as he wants, it makes no difference to how the team performs.   It's the droning, rambling bullshit he constantly spews that really grates though. Endless pompous nonsense about tenuous coincidences, boring trivia, obviously pre-rehearsed 'talking points' and attempts to whip up some excitement when there really isn't anything there- just stick to the game, ffs.   The offside stuff at first glance looks biased as fuck (Liverpool have benefited from this, therefore it should be scrapped), but I think it was just him trying to get something going, yet another talking point for the pundits to waffle about. It was actually quite funny to see how he was slapped down by everyone. As they all pointed out- you're either offside or you're not, and trying to complicate matters will just lead to more problems (how offside do you need to be- an inch, 6 inches? What if someone is just at the threshold for being adjudged offside, do we then discount that because it's close to some arbitrary limit?). In cricket, you don't get the commentators saying a decision shouldn't count because it was really tight, they just acknowledge how close it was and get on with it.
    • He’s done really well.   Especially as he’d been training on his own all summer, was here five minutes with barely any chance to train with the squad before he was straight in the team for the best keeper in the world, and has played every game since for a side who have to win virtually every time they play.   It’s not like he had a summer with us and then months of being integrated into the squad and how Klopp likes us to play out from the back. Credit where credit is due, so far.
    • Alison is prone to brain farts and taking unnecessary risks, makes the defence nervous at times. Adrian on the other hand seems to be very cool and makes good decisions with minimal fuss. Id keep him in the side as long as possible. 
    • Nope, we don't. Allison will walk back in. Obviously. 
    • Other than the massive cock up the other week he’s been really good on the floor.  It’s gone a similar way to Alisson in that I had the fear he would just either carry on making unnecessary risks or go the other way and just launch it every time.  He seems to have found the perfect medium at the moment.  Some of his saves and decision making have been fantastic and he’s generally really good on crosses.  Alisson has got a job on his hands which is exactly what we want.
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