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Going in a couple of weeks, any one been? Any recommendations?


Gonna pop over to Malmo as well for the day too.


Ta lids

My wife and I went in January.


There is a small Italian restaurant at the harbour that I would highly recommend. I can't remember what it is called but if you have the public toilets behind you its on the left hand side.


Also if you are going to do the boat tours on offer there are two main ones at the harbour. Don't use the big expensive one that offers a heating seating area as the smaller cheaper one does too. Also as its smaller it goes to places the others couldn't.


We walked to Tivoli that wasn't open at the time but looks good from the outside.


Also if you think you have enough spending money, you haven't. It's so expensive, you're looking at about £6.50 a pint. One restaurant charged £5 for water and £6 for beer.

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Guest Pistonbroke

I was there a few times in the late 80's due to being on the unit Sailing team, bit of a blur if I'm honest and the place has probably changed somewhat over time. The Danes are very friendly, no matter what port we stayed in we where welcomed  and had a great time.


Very expensive, as are all the Nordic countries. Elephant Beer on draught is a killer but tastes a whole let better than the export shit !! Just go with the flow and enjoy the experience. A mate of mine was there recently and he said he got one of those "Copenhagen Cards" which gave him free transport on buses, the trains and Metro and free admission into a shit load of attractions. Not sure how much he paid for it but my Daughter bought a similar card for "Amsterdam" and that cost her about 70€ for the whole weekend. 

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35 minutes ago, grazywalker said:

Going in December - Any updated hints?

We like out of the way type places but are staying bang on City Centre!!

Noma casual, or their full restaurant if you want to splash, they’ve just announced their game season menu.


Mikkeller Bars.


Geranium is the best restaurant in the world.


Its amazing, let me sober up and I’ll remember more.


Remembered one: go to  Bering House of Flowers, it’s wonderfully mad.


Avoid bikes. 



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