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Premier League Round Up (Mar 5-6 2016)

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Boss weekend that. We won with a last second penalty that caused Pardew to completely lose his shit. United lost. Everton lost in the most comical circumstances imaginable. Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs all failed to win, while Leicester picked up three points to extend their lead at the top. 
The only minor blemish was City winning, but they were playing Villa so that was a gimme anyway. May as well have just given them the points and saved everyone the effort of playing. Villa might not get another point all season now.
Leicester won the North London derby as Spurs and Arsenal both squandered leads in a 2-2 draw. “After you sir”, “no, after you”. To be fair, it’s hard to shake off so many years of being losers.
Ospina was in goal because of Cech’s injury. I didn’t realise that the big dope picked up that injury sprinting back after going up for a corner in the midweek home loss to Swansea. It just gets better and better doesn’t it? Arsenlol.
Ramsay put Arsenal ahead with a finish right out of the Usher collection (you’re all sat there going “yeah right”, but I know my boy John G is nodding his head in approval). Then Coquelin got himself off for two daft yellow cards right out of the Milner collection.
Spurs thought they’d levelled when Kane’s shot looked to have gone over the line, but hawkeye disagreed because approximately one inch of the ball was just about touching the line. I keep saying it but that’s just a bullshit rule. As soon as more than half of the ball has crossed the line, that should be a goal. That rule needs changing as it’s shit. Morally I just don’t know how you can look at this and say it isn’t a goal:


I’ve noticed that it’s crept into other decisions too. Like players never take corners from in the quadrant. They were never allowed to do this shit before, but recently linesmen are allowing them to take corners when the ball is barely even touching the quadrant. I don’t like it, it's ridiculous.
Anyway, Spurs did level soon after through Alderweireld and then Kane put them in front with a ridiculous goal from a position he didn’t even have any right to shoot from. 
Dier was then booked for pulling someone back by the shirt, and then did the same thing again not long after and escaped further punishment. Complete bottle job by Michael Oliver that. Hang your head in shame, you absolute coward. 
In between those fouls Arsenal had drawn level with a nice finish from Sanchez. Lloris should have saved it though as he let it bounce over his hand. Poor that.
That’s how it ended and the draw is probably marginally better for Arsenal as they were away from home and down to ten men, but Spurs won’t mind too much as they’re still ahead of the Gunners and aren’t too far off Leicester.
Speaking of whom, they won at Watford but it was a battle. Mahrez got the only goal of the game and if Leicester weren’t Leicester, we’d all be talking about how title winning teams can grind out these scrappy 1-0 wins when they need them. No-one is saying that though because they’re Leicester. Games are running out now though, they only need to hold on for a little longer.

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Almost negged you for the Bamford thing. As a Bamford myself. But then I thought he's Derbyshire branch I'm the Lancashire lot and he is a bit of a fanny so let you off as I enjoyed everything else

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Even though an inch of the ball still not technically over the line is frustrating to see, if cricket has taught us anything from this kind of stuff, it's that it's easier to rule on the entire ball being over or not.


Make it a half-ball rule and the margin of error with the technology makes adjudicating it much more difficult.

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Right that screenshot of the ball "not" crossing the line, is that for real? Someone's taking the fucking piss. The Barclays logo and Nike swoosh my fucking arse just happened to be centred perfectly. Even the pentagon lines are erm lined up. Whataloadofshit.


Jabronis Dave. Really? Twice? In one sentence? You did that deliberately.

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