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Norwich City 4 Liverpool 5 (Jan 23 2016)

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We need that keeper that makes saves they shouldn't be expected to.

That in a one v one we always fancy the keeper.

They all make the odd clanger but pulling out that worldy that keeps you in the game sets the top ones apart.

Hart from the free kick v WHU on Sat night and that save from the header from Swansea away.

That is what we need. We all know that, so how come those useless sponging twats upstairs do not.

Hart, Courtois, Lloris, Cech fuck me even Schmeical Jnr.

De Gea is keeping the scum in the top 6.

Come on Jurgen you must know a top No 1 for us.

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* He can't stop any shots so who would we fool with that one?


* We've been arranging his new contract since the start of December. How is his boosted confidence looking so far?


* Clubs will see we have Simon Mignolet in goal and are therefore extremely desperate. The old contract ran until summer 2018 anyway.


* Our owners don't pay first team wages to back-up players. If Mignolet falls out of the first team he'll be sold.

Suddenly there are no straws.

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