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Great songs under 3 minutes long

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Thanks to the Greatest Album tournament, I've been listening to some ponderous noodling and meandering sprawls.  Bumping this thread as a palate-cleanser.


The Supremes - The Happening.


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This is being slightly weird for me.  Some of the links I posted in 2017 are linking to completely different songs. (I think it's something to do with my YouTube account.  Where I've tried to post a video that I've got on a playlist, it's linked to the first song on the list instead.)  Are these links (e.g. Draft Dodger Rag) actually working for other people?

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6 hours ago, Pidge said:








Nofx was first band that came into my mind, but it was this song (though linoleum is awesome) 



Next to come to mind was the Dwarves and possibly the perfect plunk song (and the best sound I’ve ever seen from a live recorded show to boot!)



and it’s so good I’m sharing it twice cause this slow ‘acoustic’ version is still comfortably sitting the 3 minute limit.



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    • Not sure if I get your point here CP.  Do you mean that they were desperate for Saudi Arabian ownership?   I'm pretty sure still that the majority of English fans would prefer the German ownership model (and ticket prices) opposed to the chance that they might get lucky with a billionaire.  The only ones I reckon that wouldn't go for it in huge numbers would be Man City and Chelsea.   But maybe I'm wrong.
    • I will say, it's funny how if you didn't know any better, you'd think people running football we're literally trying to get people to get turned off with the sport.   Russian and Qatar World Cups, the appallingly incompetent usage of VAR and now this Super League. They're doing a great job infuriating people and being even more cunty in a sport that was already run in such a cuntish manner before the past couple years.
    • The amount of shite being posted onlone is fucking hilarious. The wannabe journos from fan shite have taken a rest from XG and other bullshit to post about this. Read one earlier claiming that even if Liverpool finish top 4 they won't be in Europe next year because they pulled out of the European Club Association so now cannot compete in Europe. He's surprisingly not replied to me telling him it's bollocks and pointing out Wolves and Burnley both played European football while not being members.    It's shit, but so is everything in football these days. But just like if the big 6 broke away and invited Everton, Leeds, Newcastle, Villa, Leicester, Wolves, Celtic and Rangers  to compete in a new British Super League they would all change tune and be in straight away
    • The it will kill football thing is absurd. Football is already by far the most unfair, anti-competitive sport in the world with ineffective at best caps on spending and criminal owners. Probably loads of match-fixing too, but yeah, this is the thing that will "kill" football. Shit makes me laugh.  
    • Finding the comments from Newcastle fans and Wolves fans moaning about dodgy clubs, finances fucking hilarious.    Wolves would still be in the Championship without a dodgy deal with a super agent.    Same as them crying for the big 6 to be thrown out and what would they do then. The second they started a break away British league Everton,Newcastle  Wolves, Celtic, Rangers, Leeds and Forest would be screaming to get in it
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