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Klopp Kopped.

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Klopp is crying out for a new song.  Unless you sing the whole lot "Life is Klopp" is gash.  



As you all know my football song writing skills are legendary so I will get cracking


I'm on Klopp of the world??

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The man has respectfully requested that supporters not sing his name during games. I suggest :









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    • Jürgen Klopp has reflected on his life in Football, what makes Liverpool such a good fit for himself and why he doesn’t see himself as special.

      The German entrenched himself further in Liverpool folklore last week when they were officially crowned as Premier League champions after a 30 year wait.

      It was the culmination of a stellar last 12 months which has also seen the club claim the Champions League, Super Cup and Club World Cup.

      In a wide ranging interview with the Mirror, Klopp discusses his love for the game and why being at Liverpool is such a good combination.

      “I love the game so much which is why I had this affection for Liverpool. And when it came up, it was an easy decision.

      "I was hoping the people would be really open for a new guy and I was really open for a new challenge and a new club.

      “And from day one, it clicked.

      “The passion the people have for this club is exceptional. 

      “The way they went through the darkest moments possible - how they deal with it but don’t forget it - is exceptional.

      “I am sure that is why the status of the manager at this club is different to other clubs.

      “I had no idea about that before I came here. People told me about it and I said … ‘yeah, we will see’.

      “And that’s the way it is.

      The downside to being the head figure at one of the iconic teams in world sport is the lack of privacy.

      It is an aspect that Klopp doesn’t particularly like, but has learnt to live with.

      “I am sure that is why the status of the manager at this club is different to other clubs.

      “I had no idea about that before I came here. People told me about it and I said … ‘yeah, we will see’.

      “And that’s the way it is.

      “Not being able to live a normal life is the shadow part.

      “I don’t like it but I have to accept it … (because) my life is too good.

      I am 53, I am healthy, I work for the best club in the world, I earn really a lot of money.

      “Life is not perfect but it’s not for anybody so why should it be for me?”  

      The future status of Klopp has been a massive of great discussion even after he signed his contract extension last year.

      Klopp who undertook a university degree and worked in sports science before becoming a manager has not have a set date in mind but one thing is for sure, he won’t on the bench into his 70s.

      “I don’t see me doing that at that age.

      “When I became a manager [aged 33], I thought … ‘right, now 25 power years start.

      “I was seven and a half years at Mainz, seven at Dortmund and in 2024 (when his current contract at Liverpool ends) it will be 23 and half.

      “I have no plans beyond that.

      “When it is time, hopefully I am still healthy and I can say … ‘great, I loved it but now I would like to watch other people doing it’.

      “So, I hope I find this inner mood to say … ‘see you later, I wish you all the best, best of luck, love you all but don’t call because of any football matters.

      “That’s the plan.

      Despite all the achievements that Klopp has achieved in the game, his ego is well and truly in check and still views himself in a normal light.

      “I am still the normal one, “I. Am. Not. Special.

      “I have a few skills and, luckily, they are needed in football, which is something I really love.

      “But that’s all. I am not special. I am not fishing for compliments.

      “I think I am a good guy, I think I am a nice guy. That sounds boring but it is the truth.”

      Liverpool fans will have to agree to disagree with Jürgen on this matter, he is truly in the special category.

      View full article
    • Look who I found on The Swiss Ramble's post about our finances  
    • Yea mate, worrying about Messi is a recurring nightmare that I struggle with.       Get the fuck outta here!!
    • Good report Dave. This game has just added to my overall feeling of quiet satisfaction at being champions instead of the all guns blazing, hell for leather fuck all you bastards glee that it should be. Its daft, but I can't shake it.   Just like the derby, you just knew after an hour we were getting absolutely nothing from the game, it was so frustrating. And it is never, ever, ok to lose a game 4-0, to anyone, anytime. It should always sting.   I said to a mate last night that if you had to picture a smug, full of himself looking Manc, then you wouldn't go far wrong with Foden, but I'd forgotten about Terry Christian. Very good player though, unfortunately. 
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