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Featured: TLW Diary (Aug 2015)

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Aug 1: Helsinki 0 L 2 Bit boring this, but overall some good things to take from it. The biggest positive was that we pressed the shit out of them and didn’t let them get into our half for most of the game. The midfield and forward players just swarmed all over them when they had the ball. Of course a better team will play their way through that and then we’ll see what we’re made of with no holding midfielder playing in front of a back four with Lovren in it (he’s gonna start at Stoke isn’t he??), but for now it’s so far so good. Nice for Origi to get another goal too.


  Meanwhile, Mario is photographed out on the town in Italy, having a great time. Nothing wrong with that, it would be daft to expect him to be sat at home crying because Brendan is freezing him out. It does nothing to dispel the common perception of him as someone that just doesn’t give a fuck and who enjoys the trappings of a top star without having the dedication to be one though. That said, I wish I was out there hanging out with him, you just know you’d never stop laughing if you were out with Mario. Terrible centre forward, but he might be the greatest friend anyone could have.
Aug 2: Swindon 1 L 2 Bit of an uninspiring game but that goal from Benteke was fucking ridiculous. It was as though he just delivered a huge “fuck you” to all those who said he was just a big lump who needed crosses to his head to be able to score. You don’t get better technique than that, it was just a right thumping bastard of a goal. Aside from that, I liked the look of Firmino and the 16 year old held his own at right back, although if I’m Ryan McLaughlin I’m proper pissed off that I’m now behind Dan Cleary and… *checks LFC website*… Trent Alexander-Arnold (fuck me, that’s the least scouse name ever, he should be playing for Arsenal or Chelsea) as well as Clyne and Gomez.
In other news, Mourinho and Wenger are at it again, this time refusing to shake hands after the Charity Shield, which Arsenal won meaning Wenger has finally beaten Mourinho, or does this not count as it’s friendly? “It’s not a fucking friendly?” cries Gerard Houllier! Can we not just get them to do that white collar boxing or something, and end this shit once and for all? I’d give anything to see Wenger knock his fucking stupid head off.



Aug 3: Sick of being suckered in by bullshit click baiting headlines. “Reds complete deal for former Spurs star” reported the Daily Star as I browsed newsnow. Ok, it’s the Star so I probably deserve all I get, but even so, how many of you would have guessed from THAT headline that they were talking about us loaning 5th choice keeper Lawrence fucking Vigeroux to Swindon??  Still, at least they didn’t just completely make up some bullshit story like some of the other papers have done. The Express has us ‘ready to complete’ a move for Illaramendi, the Spanish press have us bidding £15m for Cherysev and the Metro, that fountain of all bullshit, says we’ve slapped in a bid for Alvaro Negredo. The race for clicks has seen any kind of journalistic integrity go flying out the window, it’s only getting worse too.
  It’s not just this country either, the Catalan press was awash today of stories about some Barca kid called Traore who was on his way here for a medical ahead of a move. Initially it was mooted as a loan deal, then they said it was permanent. Everyone piled onto youtube to see how ace he is, as you do, only for the local press to say it’s bollocks and we aren’t signing him. Same thing happened all summer with that Kovacic kid from Inter. The Italians were adamant we were signing him, but the lads over here said there was nothing happening. They were right on Kovacic and they’ll be right on this Traore kid too.
Aug 4: Logged onto twitter this morning, first thing I saw was the Echo tweeting out “Reds in for £35m Toni Kroos”. Just. Fuck. Off. Also in the Echo, Ian Ayre: “We set out a plan with Brendan at the start of the summer, and the objectives the manager wanted to achieve. We’ve achieved all of them. So we are very pleased with how the summer has gone and it’s been kind to us this year. It’s interesting because we don’t do anything differently, but sometimes the cards fall in your favour, and sometimes they don’t. But we’re very pleased with the outcome.”
  Hmmm, it kinda reads like “you got what you wanted Brendan, no more excuses” doesn’t it? I’m not having that not doing anything differently bullshit though. We’ve done everything differently. We let the manager buy who we wanted, we paid the fee it took to get them even though they were higher than we’ve liked, and we did the deals early with very little arsing around. So yeah, about as differently as it’s possible to be. You could call that…. a load of hot Ayre. What?


Aug 5: You know the new season is upon us when….. Jack Wilshere is in the headlines for fucking up his ankle again. Seriously, what are his bones made of, quavers?

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