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Cilla Black has died..

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Paul O'Grady is on suicide watch. Lily Savage couldn't give a fuck.

Wtf Pete Price going to be doing tonight then?

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    • Last time I listen to Twitter over a player...   Got to be honest I hadn’t heard of him till we were linked with him but after reading and listening to everything about him I was expecting some sort of Xavi , Inesta type player who would dictate the pace and flow of every game with nobody able to lay a glove on him. What I’m seeing is a guy who struggles every game and more often that not is slow and ponderous on the ball and like the rest of the team looks a yard off the pace. As has been said maybe judge him next season but even last night we looked slightly better when he went off which admittedly isn’t saying much.
    • Yep.   I'd rather finish 10th and just reset in the League, if only with the current injured lads back.   See how Jota and Thiago go - with Virgil, Gomes/Matip (between the two of them, that's hopefully makes the "other" Henderson and Fabinho all fit again.   Almost like, forget this League season, and try and start again - the way we simply couldn't the minute VvD went down and others followed. (I know there was the Aston Villa result, but fuck that.)   Just start again with as many back as possible, fuck Europe completely, and see whether the nucleus of 19/20 can somehow climb the mountain again under Klopp.    FSG won't buy anyone, and let's just pray they don't sell anyone good.    
    • As shite as we were tonight against Chelsea I fail to see what the difference is between the handball given against Ryan Bertrand (Southampton v Wolves )  and the one not given against Kante.   Happens after 1 min 20   https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0wMdolT4_a8&feature=onebox              
    • Where we play is immaterial, when there is no home ground advantage anywhere. What we are doing is losing a lot. The Anfield thing is neither here no there. Had we have played someone better than Sheffield United away last week, good chance we'd have lost that. We lost at Leicester. We could easily lose at Wolves and Arsenal. The Anfield thing is just a historical stat in a much, much deeper bucket of shit.  
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