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Jordan Henderson: European Cup Winning Captain of Liverpool

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2 hours ago, Shooter in the Motor said:

Fair play to him. I haven't been his biggest fan but second half this season he has been quite spectacular. I do think he must have grown a pair and told Klopp if I play I play further forward, fuck sacrifice for the team. He can sacrifice for the team when he is playing well and he must know his best position. 


Now hopefully he can go further forward and knock the oil barons off their fucking perch. 


Great story about wanting to lift the trophy with Klopp and Milner. 


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His ball to Mane for the chance he missed in the first leg against Barca is one the most underrated piece of skill this season.

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Shortly before Jordan Henderson stepped onto the podium for the defining moment of his career, he was involved in a minor altercation with James Milner.


The formal handing over of the Champions League trophy was seconds away, and Henderson – the Liverpool captain – decided he did not want to accept it alone.


He approached Milner and manager Jurgen Klopp, urging them to share the honour.


“If anyone other than you lifts up that trophy they are getting f------ wrestled to the ground,” Milner replied.


Fifty-three days on from Madrid, Henderson sits in Four Seasons Hotel Boston eager to set the course towards the next podium, but wherever the next steps lead he will always be dragged back to that night; a triumph of collective leadership. 


“I felt myself, Millie and the gaffer should have lifted it together,” said Henderson.


“I asked Millie and the gaffer because I felt as though Millie is a big part of the squad. I know I wear the armband when I play but he wore it a lot when I haven't been playing. He is a big part of the dressing room. Without him it would have been different - and the manager. What we did that night wouldn't have been possible without the manager. But he said no. I hadn't planned it. 


“For me, the photo would have meant the same if the manager was lifting the trophy and I was stood behind him.”


Since replacing Steven Gerrard as captain in 2015, Henderson has sought his own identity as skipper. His willingness to sacrifice the trophy lift will surely epitomise his career wearing the armband – the ultimate validation of his leadership style. 


“Everyone looks at the captain to lift the trophy and everyone speaks highly of the captain when you win a competition, but if you rewind to a year or two ago, people would have been criticising the way I am and asking if I should be captain,” says Henderson.


“That is not for me to get involved with because they do not really know. You can’t judge a captain on performance. There is a lot more than the way you play at the weekend. A lot goes into it behind the scenes, not just me. There are a lot of leaders in this group and the manager. I don’t see why I should be given more praise.


“Even though people outside may have doubted (me), I have never felt it was that way inside. The players and manager have always been 100 per cent behind me and I have always felt their confidence.


“Listen, don't get me wrong. I'm so proud to captain this football club and I don't take that lightly. Just playing for this club is unbelievable, and to captain it and lift the Champions League trophy was unbelievable. But that's not what it's about for me. Just winning the European Cup was enough for me, with this team, this manager, this club.”


There was another symbolic moment in the post-final party when Henderson – who did not have a drink as he absorbed his achievement - hunted down his predecessor for a photograph with the cup. Gerrard refused.


“This is your night – enjoy it',” he told Henderson. A post-career snap alongside the three living European Cup winning captains – Phil Thompson, Graeme Souness and Gerrard – was not ruled out.


Henderson has other images to cherish, the outpouring of emotion most visceral when hugging his father, Brian, by the touchline.


“I don't know how he got down by the side of the pitch,” says Henderson.


“I know how much it meant to him and what he'd been through the last few years, so to see him so quickly after we had won…you're so elated by the whole moment.”


Nearly 30 minutes into an interview about the future and we have done it again - spoken at length about the recent past and what it means. But do not underestimate the determination of Klopp and his players to bring that particular party to its inevitable conclusion.


“We have been talking for the last few seasons about being so close to winning a trophy. We kept going, kept fighting and now we have got that major trophy and we want to win more,” says Henderson.


“We want to use this to propel us. We don't want to win one trophy and that's it.


“We have come a long way in the last few years and we just want to continue on that journey, that curve riding up. Keep improving. 


“Everybody will want to beat us. I felt that was the case last season anyway and has been for a long time. Everybody wants to beat Liverpool. We have to deal with that like we have done.”


There may be more trophy lifts soon with the Community Shield and Super Cup Final within a matter of weeks. The request to Milner seems open.


“Football moves so quickly that you want to focus on the future and not get caught up in what you have or haven't achieved in the past. It's about moving forward and wanting more,” says Henderson.


Do not rule out more heated discussion between the captain and vice-captain at Wembley and Istanbul.

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12 hours ago, AngryofTuebrook said:

Before the trophy was handed over, Henderson can be seen saying "Thank you very much."


My Captain. 

Aye, that was class.


Pure grounded is our skipper.

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19 minutes ago, TheHowieLama said:

Probably need to amend thread title here

It's a lot better than the original one!

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