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    • Your club? You know nothing about anyone on this site do you? An awful lot of nonsense coming from you on this thread mate, you’re talking to fellas in their 50’s and older in some cases. As for Super Reds the only one coming across like that is you. If you are a Red give your head a wobble, the Sun Centre was a pathetic attempt by you, truly embarrassed for you.
    • Wilfred “Bramble Dock”  
    • Me too brother, not going to stress about what shitteh may do, still enjoying that Champion feeling.
    • Andy Robertson is the latest player to declare that he is more than happy to spend the rest of his career for the Reds.

      Last week Sadio Mane believed that there was no end in sight to the partnership of the the front three, and the left-back admits that he has had a change of thought in how he may like to end his career.

      The Mail (via The Lockdown Podcast ) reported Robbo as saying:

      “If you asked me when I was playing for Hull if I wanted to go back and play for Celtic, then I would have said that 100 per cent I wanted to play for my boyhood club.

      ‘But now I’ve found my home at Liverpool and I love playing for this club. If I could retire at Liverpool, then I’d bite your hand off for it now. 

      “Playing at this club is amazing. To play in front of the fans every second week at Anfield is incredible.

      ‘When I was younger, I wanted to play for Celtic and give my best years to Celtic. I didn’t want to be hanging on and going there at 33 or 34 when I knew my best years were gone.

      ‘It might be something I’ll need to think about at some stage. I still follow Celtic and they still have a place in my heart. 

      “It would be hard to say "no" but, if I did have the option of retiring at Liverpool, I’d bite your hand off for it — and I’d probably sign the contract now.’

      The much loved 26 year-old says one of the main things he loved about winning the title was making someone like Sir Kenny Dalglish beam with pride and admits there were were some emotional scenes in the celebrations. 

      “For The King to be emotional means we’ve done something pretty well.

      “He was brought up as a player and a manager here and he was used to success — winning league titles and the Champions League year-in and year-out.

      "For this club to go 30 years without winning the league was something we had to change. That’s why people were more emotional than usual. 

      “We had quite a few wet eyes in the small party we had.

      ‘When you play for Liverpool, winning just means so much. I’m hopeful we won’t have to wait 30 years for the next one. Hopefully, winning the league will become normal again for Liverpool."  

      The Scottish captain says that the King has been a massive influence on him in his time at the club. 

      “You know a legend like that doesn’t need to be like that as he has enough on his plate. But he has been so crucial for me.

      ‘I’ve spoken to him about Liverpool and I’ve spoken to him about Scotland and he has been someone I’ve been able to turn to. Not many people can say they can turn to Kenny Dalglish for advice.

      “Kenny was my dad and grandad’s hero and I remember when we beat Barcelona in the Champions League, my dad and grandad were at the game. He came into the box to say hi to my grandad. He is 89 and that was something he’ll never forget.

      ‘He was having a red wine with my grandad and that’s something we will never forget. For a family like us, it was quite emotional.

      “These are things he doesn’t need to do but goes out of his way to do. That’s the difference with him. 

      Robertson admitted being greatly concerned when the club icon contracted coronavirus in April and thought it was only natural to return the favour.

      “I’ve tried to help him as well. When he got coronavirus. I think everyone was worried, me as well.

      “Kenny got through it fine but, at that moment, that’s maybe when it turned and I was willing to do anything for him and his family just as he’d done for me since I arrived at Liverpool."

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    • I rate him as a player but this is hilarious    
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