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    • Good summary that and it's hints at an obvious and very easy solution. Ban state owned clubs entering European competition. Stretch it to banning it full stop if possible.
    • As much as I think it's the wrong decision I don't see that it gives the green light for shitteh and the like to spend what they want. If anything clubs will be under more scrutiny to spend within the rules. Just can't see UEFA making the same mistake again.
    • John Henry can start by spending what we earn, something they fail to do more often than not.     
    • Racism does indeed exist in every country. I doubt it could ever be truly eradicated because human history has been marked by discrimination of one form or another from the very beginning. Where we are at an advantage today is that we have that wealth of history to look back on and learn from. We can educate the collective mindset. This disadvantage is that there are many people with influence who are looking back on that same history, taking the very worst aspects and using them to fuel hatred and division today. These people are very loud and very visible. There are people in power today actively encouraging the sort of behaviour and thinking that leads to a 12 year old spouting racist abuse on social media.
    • It's not about John Henry or FSG or Timo Werner. John Henry could spend every cent he has, ever will have or ever could borrow on LFC and he'd still be outgunned financially by a ratio of ten to one by the Abu Dhabi mob (at the very least) - more if these Saudi lads get involved at Newcastle. He won't do that, and whether that makes him a cunt or not is a matter for another argument.   Point is though that state wealth in football effectively creates a super-rich elite that stands head, shoulders, torso and knees above even the biggest clubs. Most clubs will choose not to engage with them in the arms race, which gives the state-run clubs a free run at the top talent and the top trophies. That's bad enough, but the bigger issue is that some clubs will feel compelled to, and in doing so will rack up unsustainable, catastrophic debt. And some of their peers will feel forced to compete with that. And some of the clubs in the tier below will feel they have to do similar to try and bridge the gap. All of these clubs are gambling their very existence - on the off-chance of competing with the chump change of state wealth.   FFP isn't about "protecting the old guard" - it's about keeping the wealth ratio between the majority of 'top' clubs at least reasonably proportional. If it goes, then we either accept European football as a blag PR war between various states in need of a market repositioning, or we see dozens of clubs ruin themselves trying to keep up.
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