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    • I want Liverpool to win the league this season. And maybe the Champions League too. The FA Cup would be nice too, but if pushing to win that diminishes our chances of winning the first two trophies, then sacrifices will have to be made.    We're not the first team to field a weakened team in a cup competition and we won't be the last either. Jurgen Klopp is the manager of Liverpool Football Club. The decisions he makes should be motivated by putting the interests of the club that employs him first. He has no obligation to act in the best interests of other clubs, particularly Accrington Stanley, or to act in a manner which protects the standing of an already massively devalued cup competition.    People need to mind their own beeswax. 
    • Pep is on the naughty step over in bluemoon. They are not taking his comments well about the attendance on Sunday.
    • "Having felt like he was banging his head against a brick wall, Klopp has now decided to take a stand. His post-match declaration that Liverpool will play “the kids” in their FA Cup fourth round replay against Shrewsbury Town at Anfield wasn’t an idle threat or an emotional reaction to a wretched second-half performance after seeing his much-changed side throw away a 2-0 lead.

      Instead it was a public declaration of a plan carefully agreed with Liverpool’s American owners behind the scenes last week in the event of their clash at New Meadow ending in stalemate. Klopp told Fenway Sports Group president Mike Gordon that he believed it was vital that all his senior players were given the full week’s rest he had promised them during the inaugural Premier League winter break regardless of the club’s ongoing participation in the FA Cup.     The club’s owners were supportive – backing the manager’s belief that it’s the best policy to maximise Liverpool’s chances of not only winning the Premier League title but also retaining the Champions League. Liverpool’s hierarchy share Klopp’s opinion that it’s ridiculous that the replay, which will take place at Anfield on February 4 or 5, falls within the winter break which the Football Association fought long and hard to be introduced in order to bolster England’s chances when it comes to major tournaments."     Above taken from piece in The Athletic...   https://theathletic.com/1558576/2020/01/27/klopp-liverpool-fa-cup-replay-winter-break-shrewsbury/
    • Fair report on what was a very poor team performance. Fully agree on the root cause - the three stooges in the centre of the field.  No enthusiam, no leadership and no common sense between them.  The total opposite to Lallana & Gomez in the last round. Shrewsbury have the second worst attack (based on goals scored) in League 1 - the top scorer has 4 goals - and Liverpool's defence made them look like Brazil in the second half.
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