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The Midnight Rambler

Watching shit abroad on a iPad

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    • But @Denny Crane the governing model of Liverpool hasn't changed since the club's founding has it?  The club has always been owned by a variety of rich people and governed by a board made up of these rich people.  In the past there have been different majority shareholders, right now it's FSG.   I think there would have been an outside chance of majority fan ownership at the price that Moores sold at - plus he might have been persuaded into it rather than looking to maximise his cash out - but it would have needed to be managed by the club itself and not competing supporters groups.  Unfortunately at the time the club board and Parry had no vision whatsoever, and couldn't even keep the season ticket waiting list on a computer.  Never mind being able to organise a membership scheme.    The only way we're getting a different ownership model now is if the club goes bust or you have a time machine.
    • Nice to see Timmy Cahill in the back there 
    • I thought a new corporate structure was required but here he walks through the steps.                                                   
    • Usual Twatter rumours that Jota is injured as wasn’t pictured in training and could be out for Utd game too....Sad thing is they’re usually true
    • Lee, Labour have had a bit on football ownership in their election manifestos for around a decade. The focus has been on good governance and supporters trusts to get stakes in football clubs. The sound argument put forward has long been that football is incapable of regulating itself. It needs people whose sole aim isn't growth to have an influence or veto. This is why we are where we are today. A sport with Oligarchs, Hedge Fund owners and Sheikhs dictating the terms of how football evolves.     
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