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Cheltenham Festival 2015

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I'm going to a Cheltenham preview night tonight on Dublin so I'll post the updates later/tomorrow. I'll prob be very pissed so tomorrow is more likely

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Anyone up for the fantasy racing league on Cheltenham on the telegraph? It's free to play!


I've done mine and created a league, if anyone is interested feel free to add yours in.


Details are


League name TLW Lads

PIN: 8086712


You pick trainers and jockeys and then horses for each individual races - I do the main one but thought you guys might want to get involved on this

Just in case anyone else wants to join In, correct details above!

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I'm fucking pissed as a cunt so I'll post tonight's notes tomorrow although this prob get better from a paper.


Got a photo taken with Geraghty so that's going on the wall.


He was bigging up Sprinter Sacre all night. Says he was in a bad state up until end November bit since then has a serious sparkle back in him. Personally I think n it's a bit of smoke and vagina so we'll see.


Jessica H was very quiet but fancied Road to Riches e/w in the GC and top notch in the triumph. All I can remember off hand do fuck yourselves with a hedgehog

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Here's my notes from last night. I can barely read some of the scribbles cos I was bananas writing them.



BG: Douvan

JH: bentelimar e/w

DmcC: go easy on Douvan at the prices cos of his prep.



DmcC: outlander

BG: parlour games positive


Albert Bartlett

BG: no more heroes

Rest: Martello Tower e/w



BG: says it's a minefield.....

Hargam a chance with good ground. Peace & Co hard to call due to pace of the rave.

JH: top notch e/w

Rest: Petite Parisienne, kalkir e/w, if Ruby Walsh rides Dicosimo get on e/w



BG: UDS, worried about the occasion. Horse cam get very edgy and unsettled. Josses hill e/w

JH: UDS should win as long as the occasion doesn't get to him.



BG: Don Poli - if he wasn't trained by Mullins he wouldn't back him. Young master (his ride) e/w

JH: coneygree if he runs in this. Don Poli very workmanlike



DmcC: Valseur lido

JH: NO to apache stronghold

BG: Valsuer lido


Champion chase

BG: S sacre. Oct, Nov horse was shite. Ascot ok but not great. Electric again lately especially last 2 weeks.

JH : a race to watch.



DmcC : Don cossack

BG: ma Filleule great chance. Value in hidden cyclone e/w


World hurdle

JH : jetson e/w

Rest: rock on Ruby positive


Champion hurdle

BG : between the top 3 in the betting.

JH : what has Faugheen beaten? Hard to back at the price

BG : ruby should put sentiment aside and ride Faugheen.

Rest: no to the new one


Gold Cup

BG : bobs worth e/w

Rest: all keen on djakadam

JH : road to riches big chance.



Sprinter sacre

Savello - County Hurdle

Rock on Ruby - world hurdle

McNicholson - Martin Pipe

Ted vaele e/w in whatever race it runs

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Obviously at an Irish event they're going to big up their own horses, but I think general rule of Irish over British isn't bad at this festival. Davy Russell said a few days ago he'd be absolutely amazed if the Irish didn't win every single Novice race, and he was laughing when other people (at whatever event he was at) were putting up some of the Henderson/Nicholls fancies like Ma Filleule,Vibrato Valtat etc.


You also, with Nicholls' horses, have to remember the Nick Schofield rule. If he's on it, you don't bet on it. The useless shit fucking cunt.

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Are they Irish Travellers?

It's weird, our cricket club has a big gambling culture amongst the young lads aged 20-25. They spend Saturday's in the off season at the club house watching C4 and betting.

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Pendra in the first handicap chase, 2:40, on the first day.


Has apparently been laid out for this race and expected to improve dramatically for a recent wind operation.


Has come right in from 12s to 7/1, with a lot of the money on it rumoured to be from its owner, J P McManus, who of famous for his Cheltenham punts.

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