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Homeless, Foodbanks and Soup Kitchens

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Hi everyone who has donated and followed my story.


Very rarely do I ever visit TLW (unless I'm after tickets). But felt this was a time where I had to show face.


First up, thanks Champ for sharing my challenge with your internet friends and thank you so, so much to all of you lovely people who have contributed towards raising an amount of money which has blown my expectations out the park. Hopefully your donations can make a difference.


To be honest, I hate it when the word 'challenge' is thrown about. There's a girl I went to school with who's fundraising for a 10k, and I'm thinking ey that's not a challenge! Much like the footballing cliche I just tried to take it one run at a time and see where I ended up.


Fortunately I ended up completing the challenge, which I knew I could, but the support from all quarters definitely kept me motivated - especially having just got back from the 4am run and setting my next alarm for 2 hours 55 minutes time - so thanks once more.


Now to address the elephant in the room. I forget how my mum described my cousin. Anyway, I'm a bit more private so not usually one to brag about what I'm up to, what I'm wearing (*cough Prada sweatshirt), etc. Safe to say though my times were significantly quicker, ranging from 5:59kms to a best of 5:34km - on the last leg, no less.


Pleased as punch to finish, and even more delighted to have had a decent lie in too! If only we got such pleasure from our team just now...


Thanks again,


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Many thanks, Vlad, for your donation to my boy’s fundraising challenge for Glasgow Sw Foodbank.


Like he posted above, he was blown away by the donations from ‘mum’s internet friends’, people he doesn’t know helping people they don’t know.


Sickeningly, it would appear that he hardly did any training and was hardly sore afterwards but he smashed his cousin out the park with his times and dodged the seething mob of celebrating Rangers fans on Glasgow’s streets last Sunday afternoon to raise over £800!


And in going to check his total it looks like that’s thanks also to Remmie and possibly someone else who I can’t work out. 

Thanks again


You are amazing x

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