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    • since vvd came into the team, we changed the goalkeeper, established a right back (, brought in robbo (I know we had bought him by then, but he only got in the team once vvd arrived) and added fabinho. The only consistent is we don't have a new centre back alongside as we had the 2 we have now plus lovren and klavan. it just illustrates the shite lengths he is going to at the moment to undermine us. it's up for everyone to decide for themselves why that is, for me it started after his suspension. 
    • I still think VAR is a very useful tool, but the goons in charge of using it are the biggest problem in combination with rules that complicate matters needlessly. When England didn't have a single official at the last World Cup, that should have told the authorities that refereeing at the highest level in this country needed a shake-up because we had a whole raft of Mike Rileys, with one or two trying to be the new Howard Webb.   The examples in rugby and cricket often get cited for how well they work. I'm sure it's not foolproof and 100% accurate in those sports, but there can't be too many instances of the officials getting the decision-making spectacularly wrong when they've had the use of technology, purely because they use the technology to try and inprove their decision-making.   As difficult as it might be for them, it really needs for former players to be more involved in the refereeing process because all the current perspectives come from officials sat in a committee room somewhere, many of whom have never even played the game, and some of whom that have administrative experience but no really affinity for the sport. If these former players can really understand the laws of the game as they currently are, then they can provide some input based on their experiences as to where changes could be made.
    • Despite them being FC class and dignity a few of them heard wrongly that he worked in Iceland in Old Swan so filmed themselves waiting for him outside saying they were going to do him in.   Quite funny really as he worked with my mate in a prison so they looked stupid hanging round for hours waiting for him to turn up.   He said he couldn't go out for six months because he kept getting threatened and almost lost his job as he had been accused of inciting hatred before the game and then trying to fight with Sevilla fans. Even though one of them grabbed his teenage son and stole his seat which they had tickets for. They had won 2 tickets in a ballot even before we had played the Mancs. It was just pure luck that Liverpool got there and they had a ticket for the final when the stadium only held about 30k, half of which were made available to season ticket holders.    One Evertonian I know started tweeting at the time that Liverpool fans were causing trouble again and bunking in just and all of them believed it straight away. 
    • Yeah. Bobby and Yoko are twinsies.
    • give it a few months, if the vvd injury has really hurt us, he will be singing you lost the league at goodison with the rest of them. 
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