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    • Balance in the dressing room maybe. Coming back never ends well. Move on. 
    • If we are in financial constriction, if we are worried what post COVID revenues will be, this  deal and its T and  C s ticks all the boxes.
    • I'm struggling to see how he would be a bad deal considering we're meant to be skint. By all accounts Barca don't even want a loan fee, they just want his wages off their books. My mind might be slipping with how long he has on his contract, but I think we should just offer to take him on a 2 year loan, which would take him till the end of his contract. 
    • Well maybe he has done more than Salah and mane. He's played in this league, but not been very good at it. Also, if we'd have bought mane or Salah at 19, they'd have cost us the price of a couple of Mars bars and about the same wages as the tea lady. So just to be absolutely clear here, I am not saying odoi will never ever be a good footballer, I am saying right now I think he's a bit shite and hasn't really done anything to make me think he would be a good player, for me he was a much better prospect when I'd never seen him kick a ball and Munich wanted to pay 30m for him. But my opinion lowers of him every time I watch him. He would cost us more money than mane or Salah did when we bought them and more in wages, as he actually earns today more than they did on their 1st Liverpool contracts. It's about measuring risk and for me to sign someone who's been a bit shite and would cost the money of a top international footballer as I said in a previous post, would be Bournemouth levels of stupidity.    As for the attributes you mention, everyone used to say exactly the same about Jordan Ibe. I thought he lacked drive, intuition and imagination and was a typical modern product of the English youth system, he looks strong and fast and we'll try and teach him to be a footballer - they looked good at youth levels mostly because of their physical advantage over their peers. That's exactly what I see every single time I watch odoi. I thought/think the same when I see Jesse Lingard.    Finally, if you asked me to bet where odoi will spend most of his career, I would say the next couple of years on the bench at Chelsea, then some gullible/desperate lower prem club will buy him where he will do absolutely fuck all, but be far too expensive for a team in say the Dutch league to have a go of him. He'll be remembered as the kid who Munich would pay 35m for. A transfer is just like a bet. If you offered be 100/1 he would make it as a star, I'd probably take it despite the fact I don't think it would happen as it would be worth the gamble. However, the cost of this kid would be like sticking your house on some random horse in the grand national. 
    • If Coutinho ends up at another PL club this summer I will be devestated. Bring him back, he will be perfect for us.
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