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    • City are on fire. Taking the title off them could be a psychological boost for them next season in getting the hunger back. It's a shame everything they achieve is hollow and worthless theyre just an Abu Dhabi dildo, they fuck the sport. Every other club fanbase would rather them win titles than the prospect of a real club doing it the right way. It hurt when Liverpool won the league, nobody gave a fuck when City does and it's not because they're a likeable club it's because it's bought. People just shrug their shoulders like it doesn't count.    I don't like the guard of honour stuff but City players themselves really highlighted how they lack any kind of class, just arrogant and unsportsmanlike through out. I fucking guarantee if that was Ferguson's United giving us the guard of honour it would of been respectful even though it's a genuine rivalry because United aren't a plaything, they're a proper club an institution.    Everything aside forgetting the money spent they're a great football side to watch but then imagine the house you can build with unlimited resources it's not an achievement, that's what money does.
    • Starting to look almost certain the red mancs finish 3rd now. Wheels completely fell off, without the break they'd have been fucked as it got Pogba and Rashford fit.    So could be amusing in some ways Chelsea finishing outside the top 4 after signing these players but they'll just rest them for the Europa group stages anyway. 
    • We need a midfielder who can do the player maker stuff and grafting that Bobby can do, we need a number 9 who is a threat infront of goal. We also need to keep Bobby. Our options are what fuck us over. Ox isn't good enough except for odd cameos, origi isn't good enough. Kieta in my opinion will be largely miss in a hit and miss Liverpool career as for minamino I've no idea it's too hard to say but if I had to guess I'd say he's not good enough either but well worth the gamble considering the fee.    The side needs money spending on it. FSG need to invest in their investment. It's money going back into their own pocket. I guess rich people are rich because they can afford to buy shit then make it pay for itself, make a huge amount of money all without investing a single penny of their own outside of a loan.
    • Yeah, we would need teams to score goals for us as well. Mate, it's our finishing pathetic.

    • Peter Crouch has paid full credit to the heading ability of Andy Robertson after the left-back scored a beauty against Burnley in the 1-1 draw against Burnley yesterday.

      Robertson who had used his head to fine effect against Aston Villa in November was on the beneficiary of a fine ball from Fabinho where he didn’t have to break stride and his angled effort gave Nick Pope no chance in the Clarets goal.

      Crouch who knows a thing or two about executing a textbook header was glowing in his praise of the Scottish captain.

      “In all honesty, I can’t explain it!

      “What a full-back is doing heading a ball like that, I’ll never know. What a header that is.

      “He’s set it outside the far-post. It’s textbook, because if he doesn’t quite get it right, it’s a tap-in for Mane at the far-post.

      “But he did get it right. It was one of the best headers I’ve ever seen - unbelievable.”

      The man himself was just happy to get his effort on target as he told the Official site.  

      “In my whole professional career I’d not scored a header and this season seems to be me and headers.

      “It was a good ball by Fab and I just thought if I can guide it over the far post then I had a chance and luckily it proved that way and it went in. 

      “I always prefer to score goals when it’s towards three points, but we’ll take the point and we’re already champions.

      While the Reds missed the opportunity to continue in their quest to claim a 100% home record, the popular defender was happy in the fashion that they played while also giving a great deal of credit to their opponents on the day.

      “I thought we were excellent [in] the way we moved it about. I thought the only thing that you could say for us is that we didn’t take our chances and when you play against a team like Burnley, they grow in confidence as it stays 1-0. 

      “They feel as if they can nick a draw – one set-piece or one ball into the box and they fancy themselves and unfortunately that happened. 

      "We’ve definitely played worse this season and picked up all three points, so we can’t argue too much about the performance apart from the finishing in front of goal.

      “But Burnley, credit to them. 

      "They are a fantastic team, I really enjoy seeing what they do. 

      "The manager’s great, the squad’s great and that’s why they’re in the top 10 of this league. It’s not easy for them and consistently, year on year, they stay in the league and now they’re fighting for Europe. 

      “Credit to them, they took their chance [and] could have probably nicked it at the end when they hit the bar and they’re a good team.

      Despite having the title all wrapped up, Robbo says that the desire to finish the season strongly is still well and truly there.

      “Some people outside have said, ‘Is the desire there?’, but they obviously don’t know these lads or the manager very well because when you put on this badge, when you put on this shirt, it carries a responsibility. 

      “Yeah, against [Manchester] City we got beat but that can happen to any team and our application wasn’t wrong. Our application hasn’t been wrong in any game, we went into every game as if we’ve not been champions; we’ve prepared properly, we’ve played properly. 

      “Today, we could easily be sitting here [at] three or four-nil, three or four-one, and we’ve won the game comfortably.

      “We take the positives that maybe this performance came after we are champions rather than during the season, but we never like dropping points, especially at home, and now we need to rectify it.”

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