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2 hours ago, Herp McDerp said:

Well to be fair Messi should've won it every season since he started playing professionally. If anyone else had a season as good as one of his off/bad seasons they'd be lauded to the skies.

He's so far ahead of the rest it's ridiculous. VVD has done well just to be in strong contention. Would love Virgil to win but can't begrudge Messi winning it again. He's just different class.

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3 minutes ago, R BENO said:

How the fuck did Mahrez make it onto the top 10.

He hardly plays, and is no great shakes when he does.


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24 minutes ago, R BENO said:

How the fuck did Mahrez make it onto the top 10.

He hardly plays, and is no great shakes when he does.


Won the domestic treble with his club, and the AFCON with his country. But yeah, he always seems to be a sub with City.

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Just now, Thoth said:

i Know he is the Best ever but VVD was far better than anyone for the year.. twats

I agree obviously, the fact they are now going through his history in the campions league, 4 wins, goals scored in competitions etc. It appears to be about more than just this year, which defeats the entire point.

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I don't really give a shit but the players involved probably do, which is fair enough I guess. Biggest problem therefore is it just further gold plates the fucking expressway to Madrid and Barcelona: the top players realise the only way they win these gongs is by going and joining the league carver-uppers, which makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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    • A couple of days later, the Mancs are in the news offering said brat free tickets and a stadium tour as a "loyal supporter". I couldn't work out whether it's a case of the original story about Klopp's reply being dreamt up by the Mancs' marketing department as an opportunity to make them look "even better than Klopp" or whether they're just a bunch of saddos trying to out-virtue us. I swiftly plumped for the latter.   That horse bolted over a year ago Dave. He's a waste of time and hope. He's the modern-day Harry Kewell only more fragile. If he were a goalkeeper he'd be a pre-Kiev Karius without the appearances. I'm afraid I think Jurgen's perseverance with both Karius and now Keita isn't amongst his finest decisions.   Hahahahahaaaaah "...none of  City's players has won it." You idiot Sterling, "has" not "have". What a dick. Everyone knows it's "has". *Looks round proudly*  *Keeps looking* *waits a bit longer* *shuffles off disappointed*  
    • Steven Gerrard has spoken about the satisfaction in the development of Jordan Henderson as he stands on the brink of lifting Liverpool’s first league trophy in three decades.

      Following in the footsteps of one of Liverpool’s greatest ever players was never an easy task, let alone someone like the former Sunderland man who already had plenty of doubters regarding whether he had what it took to succeed at a top club.

      While there have been ups and downs there is little doubt that the skipper has come into his own and is a fine all-round midfielder and leader of men.

      Speaking to former teammate Danny Murphy for a wide ranging piece in the Mail on Sunday, Gerrard said Henderson was prepared to work his backside off for the good of the team.

      "We both know there are players who are "at it" every day and I appreciated Jordan's power and fitness by training with him. 

      “Some players play for themselves, Jordan does the dirty running, grappling for second balls, 12 or 13km Saturday and Wednesday, again and again. 

      “Teams can't function at Liverpool's level without a cog like Jordan Henderson. He's obviously going be a Premier League winner. 

      “I look at him and think: good for you.”

      Gerrard recalls a time when he had a heart to heart conversation with Henderson a few years ago when his future looked anything but certain.

      "I remember a chat with Jordan in LA a while ago and he wasn't sure whether he was coming or going at the club. 

      “I remember saying to him don't give up on Liverpool, you'll be fine.   "I knew what he had inside and that he would get there.   "You know with certain people.   "He has lifted the European Cup above his head.

      “He has that confidence now."  

      Gerrard also touched on the respect and pride he has for one of his contemporaries in Frank Lampard for taking on the Chelsea job under difficult circumstances and his wish to rekindle that rivalry on the touchline in the years ahead.

      But for know, his greatest admiration is for the man currently in the Anfield hot seat. 

      “Klopp has this stature.   "When he walks in a room, it's "Whoa,"

      "If he was your manager you'd think "I am running here".   "This Liverpool team are monsters and it's come from him the moment he arrived.

      “For the players to have that level of respect for their manager in a modern dressing room is special. 

      “You can see everyone is tuned in, physically and mentally. 

      “To get that from your players is a tough nut to crack.   "And I sense Liverpool is growing again around the world.”
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    • Just keeping the new boss happy.
    • Sorry boys, you know I love you like you are  like my own wayward surrogate sons who are in prison for murder, but you’re being bellends here. No keeper, not even Alisson, would have been able to get back to stop the Southampton goal. It was that quick. To use it to criticise one of our own is a bit shit.
    • Timo Werner has continued his public admiration of Liverpool by saying that there are many reasons why the Reds would be the perfect club for him.

      The German striker scored his 27th goal for RB Leipzig in all competitions this season in their 5-0 rout of Schalke on Saturday as they maintain the pressure on Bayern Munich atop the Bundesliga.

      After the victory Werner kept up the charm offensive for his prospective new employers in the same week where he said he was honoured to be linked with a club like Liverpool.

      Sky Sports reported Werner as saying:

      "Last year, until I extended my contract, it was always Bayern Munich [that I was linked with]. 

      “Now Liverpool has come up through the media and through our game in England.

      “You have there the best coach in the world with Jurgen Klopp.

      “There are many things that would suggest that my style of play might be a good fit there.”  

      However, he was also careful to stay in the moment with his current team.

      “We have so much to do with Leipzig.

      “You can see we won against Tottenham, but we also have a second leg. 

      “It's hard to think about where to play next year if you want to step on the gas here and now."

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