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The Hodgson / England caption thread

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Wight, Daniel, I know you have a knock but this is about testing your wesolve - What I want you to do is Wun to the big cone there, pick up the sack of coal and the wun back at full speed. Wepeat 5 times and then dwop and give me ten pwess ups"


[Welbeck says to himself: I wonder if he thinks I'm Sturridge?]



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Sterling shows surprising amount of resolve




RH: "I know you're tired but I want you to play the full 90 minutes"

RS: "Yeah, and I want to be Little Richard. Doesn't mean I'll be singing Tutti Frutti does it?".







Domestic affairs




WR: "...so I replied, if I'm such a potato-faced tub of lard why did you marry me? You thick or something? - Zing! You should have seen her face lads."










Positional appreciation key at the FA




Players: "Gaffer! What system are we going to after those substitutions? GAFFER!"

RH: *These complimentary Hublot watches really are crafted beautifully*







Trouble brewing in Estonia




JS: "You see that lad there in the VIP section? National 10,000m record holder Jord. They call him the Estonian Engine!"















A pioneer of modern coaching




RH: "...so the win at Mjallby put us second in the Allsvenskan League, quite wespectable weally when you think about...Daniel...why are you weawing a bwa?

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Man-management the Hodgson way




RH: "What did I just hear him say to you?"

JH: "Eh, you mean Callum? He just said he's knackered after that game"

RH: *Right, that's another one going to get it in the press conference*

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Hodgson finds common ground to bond with players




RH: "Yeah, they wouldn't give me another contract either lad. After all we've done for them! At least the bastards let you in the directors lounge though."

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I'm so wonewy
I'm so wonewy
So wonewy
So wonewy and sadwy awone

There's no one
Just me onwy
Sitting on my King of the LMA thwone
I work very hard and make up great tacticowl pwans
But no pwayer wistens, no fan understands
Seems that onwy the FA takes me serwiouswy

And so I'm wonewy
A wittwl wonewy
Poor wittwl me

There's no modern manager
I can wewate to
Feew wike a bird in a cage
It's kinda sihwy
But not weahwy
Because it's fihwing my face-wubbing wage

I work wearhwy hard to stay nice and fit
But none of the pundits seem to give a shit
When I win the World Cup maybe they'wl notice me
But untiwl then I'wl just be wonewy
Wittwl wonewy, poor wittwl me

I'm so wonewy
I'm so wonewy

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