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Chuck Fadanoid

Suarez Article

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Greetings you bunch of pricks.


I've been lurking on here during our title run-in, so as a thank you here's a link to an article I've just read about Suarez. 


The reporter goes to Uruguay to find out the truth about whether or not he actually head-butted a ref in a kid's game when he was 15. All kinds of noir-ish intrigue ensues and he finds out a fair bit about Luis' background. I'm sure you'll all enjoy.




And if someone else has already posted this somewhere, well then fuck yas.

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I read it and it's a decent article.


It seemed to me the author didn't have many nice things to say about Luis, and when he did it would immediately be followed by something like"....or is he truly a biting lunatic psycho we saw against Chelsea?"

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