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    • With the exception of Bissouma and Lamptey, none of their players are that good. The players started the game came from Wigan, Bristol City, Leyton Orient, etc.
    • I hear they may have enough no confidence letters to trigger a no confidence vote. 
    • It's payback for the public apology he had to do for it. I don't think he could believe Johnson made him do it. 
    • Problem I have with our pursuit of the cheating bastards is this:   They are squeezing the life out of the game - literally suffocating it to death.   I can handle us not winning league and chasing a better team, but there has to be a glimmer of hope you can actually catch them, that other teams might beat them, that winning is hard for them too.....some sort of jeopardy.   There is literally none with them and it is soul destroying....even the mancs under demento would often lose 6 or 7 games a season and win titles with 'normal' pts totals in the low to mid 80's, even the odd one or two in the 70's.   We knew it was pretty much fucked when 97 pts was not enough to beat them - ok we went again and won it the next year with an even higher total - but it was always going to be extremely difficult/nigh on impossible to maintain that level season after season.   As the OP says "So we have literally gone toe-to-toe with this multi-billion petrodollar outfit who have cheated to get where they are (this isn’t an allegation, it’s been proven to be so in the courts)" and arguably our best ever team or certainly one of them (and we have had some great teams) and its not enough.....They can spend 100m on a player like Grealish, he be dead average and its no bother....   Rest of league so often just curls up in a ball against them and begs not to be hit too hard - teams often fail to register a shot on target v them (even a side as good as chelsea) or win a corner.   They are strangling the life out of the game....pretty much no competition.   The feeling that pretty much every droppes point is likely to kill you just becomes so draining - recent draws away at Chelsea and Tottenham (whilst being weakened by covid) are not bad results at all 'normally' but frankly they have pretty much ended our hopes (along with the leicester shit show, but that is it isn't - can't really afford any bad days up against these now)   They'll probably win next 5 leagues at a canter and every time a challenger comes along ala us from about 2018-2020, they just swat them away with their chequebook...