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Featured: "Jennings guards the net (1972-73)" by Frank Dacey

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Was highly amused when Shilton said he lost all respect for The Kop after he got slaughtered by us for his "Tina" indiscretions.

As if he was in any position to talk about respect after what he did to his missus and family.

I thought there wasn't much between Shilton and Clemence with Clem having the edge for the first half of their respective careers.

Although that turns apiece thing for England was all a bit of a nonsense, they were so close you could maybe understand why it was hard to choose between them.

But the press/media were so desperate to see Shilton made permanent number one I actually thought it affected Clemence and, he had a spell where he looked a nervous wreck at times playing for England. Then I also have to admit, there was a 2 year spell when Forest might as well have had a brick wall built across their goal for all the chance you had to get the ball past him - or so it seemed.

I didn't like him at all, or the way he made relatively straightforward saves look harder than they were, hence we tended to call him a poser.

But despite everything, he was fucking good.


Oh Shilton was good, William.


And the Clemence nervousness you're referring to... I think Kenny put one between his legs for Scotland for the winner in 1977.


"Clemence boob settles it," I recall was the headline in "Football Monthly".

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