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    • There's another part to the equation I should have also mentioned in my post you're replying to. And that is the success of this sky proclaimed "best league in the world" is intrinsically linked to the clubs within it being able to compete with Europe's finest for footballers. The idea sides in the bottom half of the league can take players from pretty much everywhere except the elite European teams is the very basis of the PL product. If sky attempt to short change the premier league, they actually undermine their own product. It's almost like making a TV show and having the choice to cast me or Al Pacino in the lead role. The show might be good, bad or indifferent, but not many people want to tune in to see me. 
    • As I posted on the previous page, I genuinely believe this could be a blessing for them. I think when we start coming out of this crisis, there will be a lot of support for all manner of infrastructure projects and I genuinely believe there will be a drive to getting people back to working in offices because of the support it brings to the hospitality industry. If there is ambition at Everton , Peel and LCC I reckon there's every chance it could genuinely be a kick starter for that whole Liverpool waters area. While I'd laugh my tits off if Everton went down, I honestly don't mind if they get to build this stadium and I would be positive about it if I thought it would be genuinely helpful to the city.    Having said all that, I still doubt the ambition of LCC and Peel and the intentions of moshiri, so there is a long way to go on this imo and if I was gambling, my money would still be where it was before the pandemic and on them not doing it. But I do think the environment to do it is better now than before. 
    • I'm with this view.  I never thought the losses from TV would be as big as some said.    If say Sky or Brin started demanding the huge amounts that was initially said the Premier league would likely have just told them when your contracts up you will not get any new deals. We will distribute ourselves online or go to a rival provider. That would pretty much kill any platform that basis itself on live sports. 
    • Those aren’t your nipples son....
    • I think they could probably start clearing the site without planning permission. However, I doubt they've even moved that come at this point. 
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