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What say you?  

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  1. 1. What say you?

    • World class. One of the most attractive women in the world.
    • She is a fine looking woman.
    • She's nice, but overrated.
    • She's okay, but very overrated.
    • Overrated.
    • I don't rate her at all.

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You know what I'd even take monica belucci too. Lopez is a fine woman she doesn't rate that highly on my list of fantasy women. She's still high enough that if I was the last man on earth she would probably turn to beastiality.

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Did the votes get fucked up? No chance I'd have voted her as overrated. She's amazing!

They did, yeah, when the server changed. Dave Usher, and the Hollywood types he surrounds himself with, don't think our votes matter, but that pales in comparison to what those bastards did to the great fight thread and "The Showdown"(which was a contest between Kelly Brook and Lucy Pinder, one for the ages) I bet they had a good laugh over this one.

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It was never a good fight at all. It was a fucking mismatch of absurd proportions, much like the appalling Lopez v Kardashian bout.

It was a glorious fight in the already glorious GF tradition. A tradition that saw Shakira best Jennifer Lopez in a thriller and saw Salma Hayek triumph over Sofia Vergara in an absolute war.

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