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    • In the CL Final, I still see Citeh as the lesser of 2 evils. 
        Those games from 2005 onwards v Chelsea were toxic. I don’t think the Citeh games have got near that level of hatred yet.
    • This rhetoric is on the same level of introspection as the voters of Hartlepool.   I thoroughly contest each of the points he brought up, and my evidence is the CL final, and the PL table.  His evidence is....Gary Neville's beef with the Glazers.     Sheffield United made a profit last year.  They only made a profit because they syphoned millions out of a TV deal that is 99.999% based on subscription-paying fans wanting to watch the 6 PL teams who threatened to go into the ESL.   And in return, Sheffield United make games Vs those 6 teams unwatchable.   Meanwhile, when City canter to another five titles in a row, the media and the pundits will be calling for Klopps head or Solksjaer's, and telling the fans to slash coppers' faces to get money out of the owners, or to change the owners, who invariably during the Covid downturn will be Chinese or Middle East despots who collect heads and hands.     Or....fucking or....those six teams get to keep a bigger slice of the TV pie, the pie that they earn. And in turn they get to use that extra money to try and compete with City instead of giving Sheff Utd, Fulham, Palace, Burnley, West Brom, Norwich, Watford, etc this revolving door with the PL by doping their Championship promotion the following season.      Sorry if that's hard to follow Carra, but you're not going to have much of a product to sell to subscribers when City wrap up titles by Christmas each year.  
    • Not to mention the size of their squads.  
    • Excellent write-up, Dave. Made me laugh a few times, which hasn't happened much this season. At least your nightmare about Arsenal has been laid to rest. There used to be an acronym in IT; GIGO. It stood for Garbage in, Garbage out and I think about it every time I see VAR in action. One incompetent assisting another incompetent and yet people scratch their heads and wonder how they got that wrong.
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