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Oscar Pistorius

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1 minute ago, Captain Howdy said:

Owen Jones straight in there I see. Quelle Suprise, never misses a chance to hop aboard the outrage train does Owen.

That's only when he's stopped talking about his northern roots and reminding anyone who'll listen that he's from the north because he used to live in the north in fact just call him Owen 'THE NORTH" Jones. 

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Starting on tonight on BBC 2 at 9:10 pm.


The Trials of Oscar Pistorius



When South Africans woke up on 14 February 2013, they could not have seen what was coming. Oscar Pistorius, one of their country’s most popular sportsmen and a figure of inspiration, had shot dead his girlfriend, model and paralegal Reeva Steenkamp. The first episode of a four-part series explores the week following the murder of Reeva, from the moment of the late-night phone call, when it was still unclear who the victim was, to hours later when she was confirmed to be Reeva Steenkamp. South Africa was thrown into turmoil. As his bail hearing unfolded, a surreal sequence of drama and emotion unfolded, and a terrible crime began to be chronicled by a ravenous global tabloid media. After becoming an overnight sensation at the 2004 Paralympics, as a double-amputee teenage sprinter who shattered records, the news was all the more shocking. Eight days after the killing of Reeva Steenkamp, Pistorius was granted bail.



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