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Someone's having a real laugh - gollum?

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Would piss myself if he went somewhere pretty shit and took 4-6 points off them next season.

Specially if he turns up at old trafford in tee shirt and jeans.

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We've got it wrong . Dave was a winner after all and the Glazers are laughing all the way to the bank.  The Mancs obviously like their comedy more than their football.



Manchester United has reported a sharp rise in profits and revenue despite a disappointing season on the pitch.

For the three months to the end of March, profits were £11m, up from £3.6m a year ago. The club also posted record revenues of £115.5m for the period.


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He only got a years payoff.


Of course profits are still hood they played champions league football. They will drop next year.

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The Telegraph has an article today summing up the total loss by employing David Moyes, and the final bill comes to £50.4 million, they say.


Roughly £35m from missing out on the CL, £8.4m from finishing 7th instead of 1st, and add in £7m for his wages/payoff.  I reckon it's actually more than that, because they seem to have swallowed the line that he only got a £5m payoff which is what United have fed the press but is surely bollocks, and they haven't included the paying off of the staff he brought with him in order to clear out all the talented and proven assistants they already had under contract.  Plus under the new TV deal there's more to the payouts than the finishing places - they may only lose £8.4m for finishing 7th, but there's also a difference in the TV payout as well that probably tacks on a few more million to that figure.


Add to all of that the reduced attraction to sponsors in the future (the idea that United are always going to be head and shoulders ahead of the likes of Arsenal is now irrevocably gone) and I reckon that one bad decision could waterfall into £100m in costs and reduced future income.  Staggering.  What makes it even funnier is that anyone with half a brain could have seen that hiring Moyes was a ridiculous decision.

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That's a fairly candid write-up from The Telegraph.


Presumably it wasn't penned by their resident grim-faced scrotum Ogden, or it would have been peppered with references to Liverpool's leaky defence and how they'll struggle next year.

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    • Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley were such incredible managers, brimming with ingenuity and foresight, making sure the club tech guys had our website as user-friendly as possible while they got on with the business on the field.
    • Last 3-4 paragraphs sum up how most of us are feeling Dave, but I am still optimistic that this team will compete again next year - assuming fans are back, that is.
    • Because everybody is absolutely terrified of racism.
    • Alisson T.A.A Phillips Kabak Robbo   Fabinho Thiago Ox   Salah Jota Shaq.   Could also replace Thiago for Milner. Mane and Bobby on the bench let's try to shake it up a bit up top.
    • This was the cunts reply. Andrew then eh? Getting closer.    I really don't know where to start with this heap of racist nonsense. It would be appreciated if you could actually answer the questions set out logically, rather than giving us the benefit of your prejudicial opinions- which with respect, nobody is really interested in. Racists opinions don't matter. Lets try and comb through the nonsense a bit though.

      On Kopites being racist. You are a good examplar. You have just stated you don't believe either black footballers when reporting racism. "You trust Evra" well given what we know about racism- that black people will not be lying when reporting it- and that a panel of white people from an organisation that rarely finds anyone racist agreed with him, it is overwhelming evidence that he is trustworthy. They have corroborated his account. Now tell me, what is it about Patrice Evra (the black man) that you find untrustworthy?

      Believing victims of racism, and viewing their accounts as trustworthy and credible is really a bit of an entry level of finding out if someone is racist. You may still be racist and do the above, but it's a good 1st hurdle most racists fall down upon. It's no surprise you, and most Kopites fall down on it as well.

      The fact the club, on finding out had an employee who racially abused someone championed him, stuck him on the players shirts, made him a hero because of it, put their manager out to lie on TV about him not shaking said racists hands and then refused to cut all ties with said manager shows a very clear pathway of a toxic, racist organisation. Indeed I believe that the said manager who wore one of those T Shirts is still allowed to attend matches, and has even had a stand named after him? I mean I could go on, but again, the case is overwhelming.

      I have no idea why you are interested in where I am from? Would me being from Liverpool mean that opposing racism is any more or less palatable? It has no relevence. I don't live in Liverpool, it's no secret. However your hypthesis about people from Liverpool is completely wrong. All of my family on both sides still live in the City. Both of my parents are proud scousers, and brought me up to be proud of the city I'm from but also recognise it's limitations, and the hangover of racism/ and the unethical relationshipthe city had with slavery. I was lucky to be brought up by two scousers, who found racism abhorrent, and loathed people who were racist, whether they were from Liverpool or anywhere else. I have enormous respect for the City, and consider it a spiritual home, but that doesn't extend to defending grubby little racists like you.

      As for the nicknake for Liverpool that was used in the 80's, I'd really ask why you are using language like that (over and above the fact you've outed yourself as a racist). Liverpool fans used to go to the match in the 80's where KKK outfits. John Barnes was given the nickname "digger" on account of it rhyming with a racist slur (not a very funny joke, but I'm sure you'll have a go at justifying it). Grobelaar went to christmas parties in a KKK outfit. A section of Everton fans would throw bananas at John Barnes and a small number would even take pride in Everton being White (which was of course untrue as we had black players up to the 60's, but you know racists are idiots so as we see with you it's hard to really reason with them). The key part of this is it's all abhorrent and wrong, and would want anyone associated with this to never watch Everton or Liverpool again.

      The difference is though, Everton players didn't wear on their warm up T Shirts a picture of someone convicted of racism. They didn't issue phrases like "do you trust Barnes" with the racist insinuation that black people aren't trustworthy. Aside from all of that, you've already stated that you feel it's out of order for people to hate those from Liverpool partaking in racist abuse, so in your bigoted little world we should not have a pop at them, as we don't want to criticise people from the city. I personally think racism should be stamped out wherever it's from, but I'm not a racist so I would say that.

      "America is not racist". I really don't even know where to start with that. If you have even the slightest understnding of America's past, or what America is suffering now with the swathes of Black Lives Matter protests and a police force murdering black people (60 years ago they would just lynch them) to putting the children of Mexican immigrants into camps away from their parents and then not allowing them to see them again etc you'd understand what an idiotic statement this is. But then, you're racist, you support Liverpool, so we have to give some credence to the idea that racism, slavery, segregation, camps will not be seen as wrong by you, but as normal, reasonable policies. Only a fairly hardened racist would view America as not racist.

      On Sheikh Mansour, he and Manchester City were cleared of wrongdoing. You have probably made your mind up on him as he's not white (in the same way you have with Patrice Evra, Mason Holgate, the victims of racism in America etc etc) so you're not going to be able to understand it, but he was cleared of wrongdoing in a European court.

      As for Mansour and "his ilk" (what do you mean by this, other Arabs) if so it's another racist comment. But yes, UAE is terribly exploitative. They learnt from the best (America and Britain) but yet you don't see either as racist, so I'm a bit sceptical that you are really bothered about the racism within those societies, or you are merely upset they are not white.

      As for other Evertonians thinking I'm like Goebells, I do find that very hard to believe. I find it hard to believe any Evertonian would give you the time of day, that you've got many mates (most racists tend to be sad, lonely, pathetic creatures, embittered at the world around them) and the comparison is completely absurd. Goebells was a proponent of the most brutal type of racism, and wanted to slaughter every Jewish person alive. I have have a long term partnership/relationship with a Jewish woman from a family of people who were nearly wiped out by Goebells policies and ideas. The two things are complete opposites, which anyone can see. I'm sure lots of Evertonians would dislike lots of things about me, but I doubt any would think the Goebells comparison would fit.

      Just going off the thousands of Evertonians on this site, none seem to like you and almost everyone who is commenting seems to agree with me. Which seems to be a better indicator than you and your imaginary friends.

      As a final aside, please don't keep sending me private messages. I really don't have anything to say to people like you. As a rule I believe in a no platform approach. People like you, with your cancerous ideas shouldn't be able to air them publicly without being in fear. It's a great shame we don't live in a society whereby people like you are not more scared to be able to spout their poison. I can assure you, I really don't have any interest in conversing with you.

      Hopefully this has cut through some of the insane, offensive nonsense you've put up. I would advise you take your hate and racism elsewhere, as it's not welcome here, and it's not welcome anywhere amongst civilised society.
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