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    • Both Madrid sides and Bayern knocked out of the cup by teams I've never heard off. What's this about, a freak occurrence or big clubs trying to free up the calendar?
    • Bloody Hell. Biden’s only been top dog for about an hr. I don’t like this at all.
    • All good points Ronnie. But I fear you're discounting the shitfest unfolding before our eyes as regards officiating of games.   Even if we were in last season's form this season, we wouldnt be running away with this league and Im not sure we'd hunt down any team either.   The officials aided and abetted by VAR, Mike fucking Riley's PGMOL, the PL and to a lesser extent FIFA \ IFAB, have completely fucked up the game I love. How can anyone in their right mind say that first goal against Villa is legit? Not suggesting for one minute you are by the way!   The game is supposed to be equitable for both sides, it should be 'fair.' Some will say life's not fair or fair is a word kids use. No, it's not. The rules of the game demand fairness for both sides. It's a basic tennant of the game and why teams are 11 a side, change ends at half time and why the ref is supposed to have no affiliation with either team etc.   That goal tonight is just criminal. An offside player has gained an unfair advantage by being yards offside allowed to run nearly 10 yards to the defender with the ball, blind side him, nick the ball off his toes and play a pass to a teammate leading to a goal.   Anyone in PGMOL, the PL or tv pundit saying that's legit is just talking shite. The defender playing an 'offside' player onside was never intended for that scenario, even more so now lino's are told to keep their flag down.   Offside was introduced to prevent that very situation of an attacker standing between the goal and last defender. With their absurd decision tonight, the officials have just overturned 100+ years of football history,   And that's why I think we'd struggle to retain the title even if we were as good as last season. Brighton last minute pen against us for that joke contact? Oliver saying Pickford should have been sent offbut they 'forgot' in the fog of the offside? One of Sadio pubes sticking out of his shorts and making him offside so Hendo's last minute winner is ruled out? We'd be lucky to be 4 or 5 points clear based on last season's performances with this officiating.   Sorry, Ronnie, Im not unloading on you. Ive seen lads on here saying they are almost finished with the game. Probably like you, Ive been a seassie ticket holder for more years than I care to remember but even Im thinking when the club send out seassie renewals, should I bother because it's not 11 v 11 players any more, it's which dickhead is ref or on VAR and what fucking insane interpretation of the laws of the game are they going to use to decide the result on the day.   This madness has to stop else only the cheats and nobs will bother with football any more.   As I said, not unloading on you but the game I love is being killed by the lunatics in charge.
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