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    • Afrique Victime by Mdou Moctar   Chismiten - The album starts with this crazy electric guitar in a scale/ mode I'm not familiar with. The voices are all African language. Upon first impression, it sounds like Bombino. I like Bombino, so I'm all ears. The guitar is very psychedelic and dreamlike. The drums stay in the same rhythm throughout the track, occasionally branching off into fills. The track suddenly morphs at 3.15 into a Santana Black Magic Women-esque outro. Explosions of sound. Cymbals start crashing. Big open chords. 8/10   Taliat - It'd be interesting to find out what scale the guitarist plays in because it's so alien to Western ears. It feels like Axis Bold as Love merged with African music theory. It's a beautiful sound. 7/10   Ya Habibti - This one starts with an acoustic guitar. It's got the strongest songwriting ethic on the album so far. I don't understand the words, but the vocal melody is much more robust in this one. Harmonies on the vocals really bring up the chorus. The translation says the chorus is "oh my love, my heart beats fast, when I think of you". It's a song about being infatuated with a girl. 8/10   Tala Tannam - This is similar to the previous track. Almost a lullaby. Reading the lyrics, there's an unpretentiousness to the lyrics. It's all about being in love. It would seem corny to hear those words in English speaking songs, but the language barrier creates a degree of separation where you can just appreciate a lovesong for what it is. 7/10   Untitled - Throwaway track. Pointless really. A woman is tending to a goat with a cool little electric guitar part over it. Doesn't go anywhere. 2/10   Asdikte Akal - The psychedelic guitar is back. The open barre chords. This is a song about his homeland. There's lots of imagery of deserts and crossing great plains to be with his love. There's a strong melody and chorus to this one. At around 3.20, it explodes into a guitar outro. 7/10   Layla - I don't know whether this song is about an actual gazelle or the gazelle is a metaphor for a woman - I'd hazard a guess it's the latter, but I kind of want it to be about a gazelle. "Layla, that we love, that I love, even more, Layla". Strong melodic sensibility to this one as well. Not as good as the others. 6/10   Afrique Victime - title track. "Africa is the victim of so many crimes; if we stay silent it'll be the end of us", starts the song. It sounds like a sermon delivered on the top of a mountain. The song mentions Mandela and Gaddafi. It asks who is Africa entrusted to now? This is the best song on the record from a commercial standpoint. Everything is tight on this, and the production on this track is the best on the record. The guitar goes off at 4 minutes. It's the best guitar interlude on the record. It speeds up. The guitar sounds like the guy from Police Academy that mimics the guitar with a microphone. It's coming from another dimension. The drums get faster and faster as the track goes on. This is straight-up Maggot Brain territory guitar-wise. 7/10   Bismilahi Atagah - This one is about God. That everything in life is done with God's will. Basically, to put God first. Another pleasant track that just floats along. The last sounds of the record are the sounds of someone walking away 6/10   Conclusion   Overall I enjoyed the record. The instrumentation and scales were not something I commonly experienced listening to mostly Western music. The standout track for me was Chismitten because it had that 70's Santana vibe. The outro specifically appealed to me. I thought the record started much stronger than it ended. Some tracks were pure filler and should've been removed. Overall it was an enjoyable listen. You should check out Bombino's Nomad album if you like this album. My favourite track is Mahegagh (What Shall I Do), although it's not on that album. Both Bombino and Mdou Moctar come from Niger, Africa.     Afrique Victime by Mdou Moctar - 7/10
    • Sorry Harry , I think you are looking for the Blue Moon website.
    • Sure I saw it mentioned that he picked up 2 yellows in the group games and got banned.
    • Suspended  2 yellows in the group stages
    • That's a compelling point, but I'd say we're going away from workmanlike now in midfield and it's one of the reasons we're scoring more goals. But it does seem that if we can get the balance slightly better, we'll have the best of both worlds and we are missing just a little solidity and athleticism. Whether Tchouameni could do the job in our tactics playing with Fabinho, while we keep an attacking threat in midfield, I really don't know. Fabinho and Tchouameni would be quite defensive.