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    • So Gnasher, you quoted me in this post, but very little of it - if anything - has anything to do with what I actually said. So either you're making a general point after replying to me or you've misunderstood something I've said. Either way, I'll respond to it, if only to clarify my position.  The first thing I'll say, in response to the above quote is to ask 'what refusal to show support for workers using their democratic right to strike' are you talking about. If it's the one of incident of him saying he doesn't support workers who are balloting for a strike at BA, then fine, but unless I've missed something then David Lammy (as I confirmed over a decade ago on this site, 'I despise') hasn't made any blanket statement about not supporting workers or their right to strike. He did say he didn't support the BA strike. He has said on Ridge's show, that 'it would not be responsible opposition if I suggested [saying] yes to every strike' and 'I'm serious about the business of being in government and the business of being in government is to support negotiation' he said 'every dispute will be different' and went on to list differences. I mean, he isn't refusing to do it because they're workers or that he doesn't support people's right to strike. He just doesn't support this action. That can't be extrapolated out beyond the party not wanting to have front benchers joining picket lines.  Okay, as for your mandatory rush to defend Corbyn, I don't really see how this refutes what I actually said. He has always tried to stand up for the rights of workers, mostly by joining pickets and having photos with strikers and lending his voice to workers. That's all well and good, but it's roughly as useful as 'thoughts and prayers' are from republicans. He was Labour leader and tried to win an election twice. I would prefer somebody in government, who never had a picture with me, never stood never to me at a strike, and never lent me their voice but changes laws or introduced policies to help me than I would somebody to have a picture but I suffer. That should be particularly controversial outside of who it is being said about.  I mean, I can't believe this is in any way in response to anything I've said. I'm aware that strikes happen, I support people's right to strike, and I am fine with politicians supporting them. I'm fine with it right up until the point that it might stop them actually helping them properly. I honestly have the opinion that some people would sooner be out of government but shouting the right stuff than keeping quiet and being in government and changing the people's lives. I'd take Blair's doing something about it something over Corbyn's support but doing nothing any day, it doesn't matter that my politics are closer to Corbyn's than Blair. Real policy beats would-if-I-could every single time. 
    • The Suarez chest control and finish skill-wise is one of the greatest goals ever let alone at Anfield. 
    • Skrewdriver could reform with Morrissey as (national) front man. 
    • Doesn't reflect well on the BBC, that.