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  2. Bjornebye

    The Snooker 2018/19 Season

    Should be a cracker final session tonight. can't wait
  3. Only young so can learn, but we still need to replace the Moron in my opinion.
  4. Bjornebye

    The Snooker 2018/19 Season

    Haha McManus does have a deep accent like.
  5. magicrat

    The Snooker 2018/19 Season

    8-8 best of 25
  6. MegadriveMan

    Would you take Coutinho Back?

    I would hate for him to come back to another English club, but I don't think he's what we need. He was a good player here, but its not like he's a Suarez/Gerrard level player. If we play 4-3-3 then he wouldn't even get in our strongest team anymore, so we'd have to play 4-2-3-1 to accommodate him in the number ten role. Its got a bit of a feel of when Owen went to Real Madrid about it. We've moved on and the player hasn't made it but now wants to come back with his tail between his legs. In the summer we really need a top level forward to put pressure on Firmino and the type of midfielder like Oxlade-Chamberlain is but less injury prone. Coutinho isn't either of those.
  7. Remmie

    The Snooker 2018/19 Season

    What is the score?
  8. Chip Butty

    Goodnight Sweet Prince (Hades)

    As my old dad used to say - You don't know what you've got, till it's gone. He also used to say - Son, you can take a horse to water but you can't make it suck your cock. Think that last one was due to the mescaline and Absinthe abuse in the early years. Either way, I'm a great believer in warts and all, so you can't change the world if you continually hide from it or get it to look or go away.
  9. magicrat

    The Snooker 2018/19 Season

    Yeh McManus ( if you can understand his accent !) and Hendry are switched on. Sorry Yates despite his nerdiness annoys the shit out of me.
  10. Nunavut Patrick

    Goodnight Sweet Prince (Hades)

    The female version of our species practicing reverse feminism using her secondary sex characteristics to sell a product that inotxicates the masses so we we will remain compliant as we slaughter millions of innocent animales, annihalte the human alpha male until he is a snivelling former shadow of his self and cannot assert his rightful place in the hierarchy of evolution.
  11. Bjornebye

    Goodnight Sweet Prince (Hades)

    Joanna Krupa
  12. Nunavut Patrick

    Beans on a fry up

    Pray for Jerzy. He's let JP2 down badly there. Gluttonous bastard with two criossants.
  13. Rico1304

    Goodnight Sweet Prince (Hades)

    Who the fuck is that?
  14. Bjornebye

    The Snooker 2018/19 Season

    Nothing wrong with a snooker nerd. I actually don't really like Foulds. he doesn't offer anything of value and was a shit player anyway. How he was once world number 3 is beyond me. At least with McManus and Hendry you get some proper insight. McManus in the commentary box is great because he sees things only the top players see. Surprisingly Dominic Dale (Whose face is the most annoying face ever) was good the other week with his punditry.
  15. Lewis sounds similar to TAA then? already an upgrade on Moreno!
  16. Lewis is not good enough defensively at the moment in my opinion. Watched him a lot, great going forward though. Set piece taker, great left foot.
  17. Tony Moanero


    I still reckon we need to get this fella on the Kop.
  18. magicrat

    The Snooker 2018/19 Season

    Is it just me or is Phil Yates an annoying boring dick . Like Foulds and the others are OK but Yates is a really shit snooker nerd
  19. magicrat

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Been told Police sources are unofficially saying 2 million closer to the mark. Hard to belive the BBC would downplay the numbers.
  20. Bjornebye

    International break draft, anyone fancy it?

    Get out of here. For 2 points as well? You soft bastard
  21. MegadriveMan

    International break draft, anyone fancy it?

    Back over to you @John102
  22. MegadriveMan

    International Break (sections) Rules & Selection Thread

    viRdjil  1. Lionel Messi - Barcelona (5 Points) 2. Kylian Mbappé - PSG (4 points) 3. Bernardo Silva - Monaco (3 points) 4. Walter Samuel - Inter (3 points) 5. Santi Cazorla - Villarreal (1 point) 6. Benjamin Mendy - Marseille (2 points) 7. Mauricio Isla - Udinese (1 point) 8. 9. 10. 11.  Dynamite  1. Ronaldo - Real Madrid (5 Points) 2. Roberto Ayala - Valencia (3 Pts - 8 Pts total) 3. Ronaldinho - Barcelona (5 Pts - 13 Pts total) 4. Fabian Barthez - Marseilles (2 Pts - 15 Pts total) 5. Cafu - Roma (3 Pts - 18 Pts total) 6. Xherdan Shaqiri - FC Basel (1 Pt - 19 Pts total) 7. Anatoliy Tymoshchuk - Shakhtar Donetsk (1 Pt - 20 Pts total) 8. 9. 10.  11.   Alex_K  1. Virgil Van Dijk - Celtic (2 Points) 2. Rui Costa - Fiorentina (2 Points) 3. Kaká - Milan (4 Points) 4. Marcos Senna - Villarreal (1 Point) 5. Chiellini - Juventus (4 Points) 6. Antonio Di Natale - Udinese (1 Point) 7. Luka Modric - Real Madrid (5 Point) 8. 9. 10. 11. Rapey  1. Steven Gerrard - Liverpool 5 points 2. Deco - Porto 2 points 3. David Villa - Valencia 3 points 4. Edwin Van der Sar - Ajax 3 points 5. Christian Panucci - Roma 3 points 6. Christian Vieri - Inter Milan - 3 Points 7. Claude Makelele (Chelsea) 5 points 8. 9. 10. 11.  John102  1. Zanetti - Inter 3 Points 2. Xavi - Barcelona 5 Points 3. Van Bronckhorst - Feyenoord 1 point 4. Darijo Srna - Shakhtar -1 Point 5. Andrea Pirlo - Milan - 4 Points 6. Marek Hamsik - Napoli - 3 Points 7. Zlatan Ibrahimović - PSG - 4 Points 8. 9. 10. 11.   MegadriveMan  1. Francesco Totti (Roma) 3 points. 2. Fernandinho (Shakhtar Donetsk) 1 point 3. Francesco Toldo (Fiorentina) 2 points. 4. Kalidou Koulibaly (Napoli) 3 points 5. Wesley Sneijder (Ajax) 3 points 6. Maicon (Inter) 3 points 7. Falcao (Monaco) 3 points 8. Pavel Nedved (Juventus) 4 points 9. 10. 11.  Stig  1. C. Ronaldo (Real Madrid) 5 Points 2. Fernando Torres (Atletico) 4 Points 3. Daniele De Rossi (Roma) 3 Points 4. David Beckham (Man United) 5 Points 5. Patrick Vieira (Arsenal) 4 Points 6. Leighton Baines (Everton) 1 Point 7. Luisao (Benfica) 2 Points 8. Arda Turan (Galatasaray) 2 Points 9. 10. 11.  Elite  1. Thierry Henry (Arsenal) 4 Points 2. Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan) 4 points 3. Pablo Aimar (Valencia) 3 Points 4. Romelu Lukaku (Everton) 1 Point 5. Paul Scholes (Man United) 5 Points 6. Jose Bosingwa (Porto) 2 Points 7. Emerson (Roma) 3 Points 8. Mattjis De Ligt (Ajax) 3 Points 9. 10. 11.
  23. Today
  24. Bjornebye

    Goodnight Sweet Prince (Hades)

    We need a poll on this to see if polling about a thread about polls is worth it. I demand a poll. And a Pole.
  25. John102

    International break draft, anyone fancy it?

    How come? He is shite.
  26. Bjornebye

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Agreed. Not good enough for us but defo Prem quality. I was hoping Rodgers would sign him for Celtic to be fair.
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