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2023/24 Season Report Card - Harvey Elliott

Other than Van Dijk and possibly Mac Allister, nobody had a better season for us than Harvey. The numbers don’t really do justice to the impact he had. Four goals and a good number of assists is decent but nothing special, but there are things Elliott brought to the team that can’t be measured on spreadsheets.


First and foremost, he’s a tempo setter. Much has been made of how effective he’s been when coming off the bench, but not too much is said about why that is. He brings a big spark of energy to games when they are flat. So many times the tempo had been too slow and we were struggling, but then on comes Harvey and immediately everything speeds up because of how he plays. He’s positive, moves the ball quickly, tries to make things happen and generally just lifts the game. 

Because of how useful an impact sub he was, he didn’t get the starting opportunities he deserved. He definitely should have started more games, Klopp even admitted that the biggest mistake he made this season was not playing Harvey more. I suspect part of the reason for that is his lack of height. With Macca in the middle of the park, having Harvey in there too reduces our height when defending set-pieces so Klopp often went with Szoboszlai, Jones or Gravenberch even though Elliott was in better form than all of them.


When he played, whether from the start or off the bench, he was occasionally sensational but never any worse than good. It was beginning to look like he was a more effective sub than starter but as the season wore on he showed himself to be a big player regardless of when it was he got on the pitch. Statistically he's one of the best young players in the whole of Europe when it comes to stuff like ball advancements into the box, crossing, expected assists and all that nerdy stuff, but you can see all that with the naked eye.


A brilliant season from a quality young player who is absolutely living the dream and is never shy of hiding that. 


Previous Season Ratings:


2022/23: 7/10

2021/22:  7/10 


This Season’s Rating: 8.5/10


Going into a season in which we signed four new midfield players, many will have been wondering where Elliott was going to get his minutes. The answer was mostly off the bench, but he made the most of every opportunity he got and by the end of the season most fans would have had him starting every week. Overall it was a big step forward and for me he was easily in our top three or four players.


Best Moment: 


Brilliant goal at the Kop end against Spurs. The winner away at Palace and the celebration that followed was class too.


Worst Moment:


Can't think of any.


The Future?


I’m interested to see how Slot uses him because Elliott is a special talent who to me seems like one of those midfield players easily capable of hitting double figures in both goals and assists. I don't know where he'll play or what his role is, but I'd put money on him being a big player for us once again this season.

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Proper talent. Can’t wait to see how he does over the next few years. I’d start him every game. 

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He is a real talent who I feel would flourish if asked to play the Bernardo Silva role, as it means we are not asking him to do things he doesn't have the pace for. He is technically excellent, uses the ball well, is physically stronger than he's given credit for, but it's his attitude and application that really stand out. He wants to make an impact whether starting or coming on as sub.

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